The Most Consistent Player in Fantasy Football?

Tyreek Hill ended 2018 as the #1 WR in fantasy, but it was Davante Adams that you could count on week in and week out to deliver double digit totals in Standard leagues. Adams was an absolute force in 2018, delivering 218.6 points standard league points. For reference, he did this without playing Week 17, as he sat out with an injury. But how did Adams, a receiver who had yet to have 1000 yards in a single season, explode onto the scene? It was a mixture of talent and circumstance.

Adams made plays in traffic, in open space, and had a nose for the end zone as he finished with 13 total touchdowns, while also having 1386 receiving yards a number that could very easily rise with a healthy Rodgers as Quarterback. The most incredible aspect of Adams’ season wasn’t the production, but just how consistent it was. Adams’ lowest point output in 2018 was 8.1 in STANDARD leagues! That is consistency that is difficult to find in a position that can be shut down by an elite cornerback.

Going into 2019, Davante Adams is the number one Wide Receiver in an offense that is expected to improve with a fully healthy Aaron Rodgers and new Head Coach Matt LeFleur. Adams has developed into a top ten receiver in the league, with the speed, toughness, hands, and agility to become a true number one receiver. He is to Aaron Rodgers what Jordy Nelson once was. The amazing part about Adams is that even if he has a down week in terms of yardage, he is still the Packers’ number one option in the red zone, thus allowing him to have good games even if he has been largely shut down in the box score. In addition, his 169 targets ranked second in the league. With the Packers showing no indications of going after a stud WR in the offseason, there is no reason to expect this target total to drop much, if at all.

Adams’ value was extraordinary in 2018. He was going in the late second/early third on average, a position which looks ridiculous after the year he had. If you want Adams this year, however, you’ll have to pay up. Adams is currently the ninth player coming off the board in drafts. Is he worth that price? The short answer is yes. In a league where elite running backs are more common than ever, Adams is well worth the price for someone going with the  “Zero RB” strategy, as Adams is the most consistent receiver available alongside DeAndre Hopkins. The number one receiver in the Packers’ offense has always thrived in fantasy circles and there is no reason for Davante Adams to reverse that trend. If all the elite running backs are off the board, Adams is the safest, most consistent option available in the first round.


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