Pre-Draft Fantasy Football Rankings: Quarterbacks 1.0

QB Rankings (ppr and standard)

Tiers (Tiers correlate to all positions rather than each individual position)


ELITE Tier: Two

Stud: Tier Three

Above Average: Tier Four

Average: Tier Five

Below Average: Tier Six

Dynasty Stash: Tier Seven

Not worth rostering in any format: Tier Eight

  1. Patrick Mahomes II KC (Tier Two: Elite Value)
  2. Aaron Rodgers GB (Tier Three: Stud Value)
  3. Andrew Luck IND (Tier Three: Stud Value)
  4. Jared Goff LAR (Tier Four: Above Average Value)
  5. Baker Mayfield CLE (Tier Four: Above Average Value)
  6. Drew Brees NO (Tier Four: Above Average Value)
  7. Russell Wilson SEA (Tier Four: Above Average Value)
  8. Deshaun Watson HOU (Tier Five: Average Value)
  9. Cam Newton CAR (Tier Five: Average Value)
  10. Philip Rivers LAC (Tier Five: Average Value)
  11. Matt Ryan (Tier Five: Average Value)
  12. Carson Wentz PHI (Tier Five: Average Value)
  13. Ben Roethlisberger PIT (Tier Five: Average Value)
  14. Kirk Cousins MIN (Tier Five: Average Value)
  15. Tom Brady NE (Tier Five: Average Value)
  16. Jameis Winston TB (Tier Five: Average Value)
  17. Mitch Trubisky CHI (Tier Five: Average Value)
  18. Jimmy Garoppolo SF (Tier Five: Average Value)
  19. Josh Allen (Tier Five: Average Value)
  20. Dak Prescott DAL (Tier Five: Average Value)
  21. Matt Stafford (Tier Five: Average Value)
  22. Derek Carr OAK (Tier Five: Average Value)
  23. Andy Dalton CIN (Tier Five: Average Value)
  24. Sam Darnold NYJ (Tier Five: Average Value)
  25. Lamar Jackson (Tier Five: Average Value)
  26. Nick Foles JAX (Tier Five: Average Value)
  27. Marcus Mariota TEN (Tier Five: Average Value)
  28. Ryan Fitzpatrick MIA (Tier Six: Below Average Value)
  29. Josh Rosen ARI (Tier Six: Below Average Value)
  30. Joe Flacco DEN (Tier Six: Below Average Value)
  31. Eli Manning NYG (Tier Six: Below Average Value)
  32. Case Keenum WAS (Tier Six: Below Average Value)
  33. Alex Smith WAS (Tier Six: Below Average Value)
  34. Teddy Bridgewater NO (Tier Seven: Dynasty Stash)
  35. Kyle Lauletta NYG (Tier Seven: Dynasty Stash)
  36. Jacoby Brissett IND (Tier Seven: Dynasty Stash)
  37. Mason Rudolph PIT (Tier Seven: Dynasty Stash)
  38. Ryan Tannehill TEN (Tier Eight: Not Worth Rostering)
  39. Taysom Hill NO (Tier Eight: Not Worth Rostering)
  40. Nick Mullens SF (Tier Eight: Not Worth Rostering)
  41. Cody Kessler (Tier Eight: Not Worth Rostering)
  42. Tyrod Taylor LAC (Tier Eight: Not Worth Rostering)
  43. Blake Bortles LAR (Tier Eight: Not Worth Rostering)
  44. Josh Dobbs PIT (Tier Eight: Not Worth Rostering)
  45. Deshone Kizer GB (Tier Eight: Not Worth Rostering)
  46. Chase Daniel CHI (Tier Eight: Not Worth Rostering)
  47. Chad Henne KC (Tier Eight: Not Worth Rostering)
  48. Robert Griffin III (Tier Eight: Not Worth Rostering)
  49. A.J McCarron (Tier Eight: Not Worth Rostering)
  50. Mike Glennon OAK (Tier Eight: Not Worth Rostering)
  51. Brian Hoyer NE (Tier Eight: Not Worth Rostering)

Names to watch

Kyler Murray

Dwayne Haskins

Will Grier

Drew Lock

Daniel Jones

Sam Bradford

Josh McCown

Tier Two Analysis

When you have a season as good as Mahomes had in 2018, you’re deserving of your own tier. While it may be difficult for the reigning MVP to repeat such a performance in 2019, his value is still head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to QBs in all formats.

Tier Three Analysis

Rodgers and Luck are the only two passers who have any case for being drafted over Mahomes, as they are known to sling the ball all over the field. With Luck coming off of an amazing season and Rodgers looking to bounce back, these are two players with league winning potential at the position.

Tier Four Analysis

This group of passers represent the past, present, and future of the position. Goff and Mayfield will both benefit from playing on loaded offenses and should both realistically have a chance to finish as QB1 on the year. As for Wilson and Brees, their combination of safe floor and high upside for shootouts allow them to sneak into this tier (for now).

Tier Five Analysis

The range of players in this tier is incredibly vast and while some absolutely hold more value than others, their general value in relation to all players is what lands them in this category. All of these passers have a realistic shot at finishing top-15 at the position, but each of them have their own caveats. For the young players like Jackson, Allen, Darnold, and Trubisky we have to worry about things like sample size and talent around them. For the more known commodities like Dalton, Carr, Stafford, and Cousins we know that they might suffer from inconsistency or just struggle in general as each of them tend to get frazzled easily. Prescott, Garoppolo, and Winston are the most intriguing of the bunch, as each is very talented and plays on a talented offense, but have their own concerns (durability for Jimmy, lack of big play potential from Dak, and general Winstonness from Mr Crab Legs). As for Newton, Watson, and Wentz they land in this tier due to injury concerns, but they each have top 5 potential when healthy. Mariota and Foles are two low ceiling, medium upside passers who will need to rely on TDs to be viable starters. Matt Ryan falls into his own tier, as he is as capable of playing like Drew Brees as he is capable of playing like the bad version of Derek Carr. Lastly, we have the old man tier consisting of Philip Rivers, Tom Brady, and Ben Roethlisberger who could all hit the same wall that Peyton Manning hit in 2015 any day now. Until that wall appears they still have top 10 upside for the position.

Tier Six Analysis

These passers are not exactly starter material and could all lose their jobs to backups or incoming rookies. Rosen could break free from this tier if Arizona keeps him as the starter in Kliff Kingsbury’s offense.

Tier Seven Analysis

These four players represent long term stashes at the position, only rosterable in Dynasty formats.

Tier Eight Analysis

These guys shouldn’t be on your team.

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