A Look at Round 1’s Skill Position Players

Josh Jacobs, Marquise Brown, and N’Keal Harry were picked in Round 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft. What does this mean for their fantasy value?

Marquise Brown

Verdict: Down

The move for Marquise Brown does more for the Ravens as a whole than it does for Marquise Brown himself. Brown, obviously, possesses elite speed that will force opposing defenses to respect the aerial attack. The biggest winner from this is Mark Ingram. With Brown on the field, he will not face stacked 8-Man boxes as often as he would have should the Ravens have gone with a defensive pick or otherwise. Brown’s stock, on the other hand, has fallen. He goes to a team with a project as a QB and a team whose main goal will be to run the ball. Brown will help the scheme, but it may take a year or two for Brown himself to make an impact. He should receive plenty of dump offs and, with his YAC ability, could become a low end flex option later in the year.

Josh Jacobs

Verdict: Up

Many mock drafts saw this coming and the retirement of Marshawn Lynch this was an inevitability. Jacobs goes to a team desperate for talent at the RB position and a place where he has a chance to make an immediate impact. Even with the Raiders being abysmal last year, Raiders RBs were successful in fantasy and have been for the last couple of years. With some Day 2 picks being spent on the OL, Jacobs could be a sneaky RB2 with high upside this season. Oakland was the perfect landing spot for him.

N’Keal Harry

Verdict: Up

What a landing spot for N’Keal. One of the best WR prospects lands with a team that, while historically not a great landing spot for receivers, will put him in a good place to succeed. He has a mentor in Demaryius Thomas, an opening alongside him, and Tom Brady for at least two more years. N’Keal, unlike some of the early round receivers picked in years past by Belichick, is more than just a speed guy. He is more of a physical receiver and will make life for Brady easier in upcoming years as he fights for every ball.

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