2019 NFL Draft Class Superlatives

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an article by Alex Kurpeski & Angel Maldonado

With another class of rookies set to join the league this summer, we at 3CoSports have voted upon the best superlatives from this graduating class. Enjoy and let us know who you’d choose for these superlatives!

Best in Class

Broncos had the best overall draft on paper. They landed a dynamic pass-catcher at a position of need (Noah Fant), a tremendous QB prospect to groom behind Joe Flacco (Drew Lock), a tough, versatile offensive lineman with great leadership traits (Dalton Risner), and a versatile defensive lineman with proficiency in both run-stuffing and pass-rushing (Dre’mont Jones). I also liked the pick of Oregon linebacker Justin Hollins as he should be able to replace Brandon Marshall.

Worst in Class

The Falcons seem committed to fielding the whitest offensive line in the NFL, so much so that they twice passed on better available offensive line prospects in round one, in favor of taking a couple of day two caliber players. Don’t get me wrong, I like Chris Lindstrom, but not at pick 14. The team could have traded back and still taken him in the 20’s. As for Kaleb McGary, I thought he was worse than Raiders tackle Kolton Miller on tape (in 2018), and Miller struggled a lot as a rookie. As for the rest of their picks, none of them blew me away and I don’t see the team being much better on paper than they were prior to the draft.

Class Clown

Dave Gettleman drafting Eli’s caddy and a nose tackle will go down in infamy. I can see Daniel Jones being peak Ryan Tannehill on his best day, which isn’t saying much. I thought Washington picked the two guys (Dwayne Haskins and Montez Sweat) that the Giants should have had at 6 and 17 respectively. As a fellow Massachusetts native, part of me suspects that Gettleman is trying to destroy the Giants from the inside-out. I can’t think of any other justification for his actions. The only thing saving the Giants from getting the distinction of “worst in class” was the pick of cornerback Deandre Baker, who I thought could have been a top 10 pick in a less deep defensive draft.

Best Nickname

As much as I like the sound of Marquise “Hollywood” Brown and Andraez “Greedy” Williams, I like Tyshun “Deebo” Samuel the most.

Most Likely to Succeed

Devin White is an impressive young man. As a player and as a leader he reminds me so much of Ray Lewis. I think he will become one of the best linebackers in the NFL rather quickly.

Biggest Flirt

Kliff Kingsbury and the Cardinals really wanted everyone to know how much they loved Quinnen Williams and Nick Bosa, going so far as to let information about dinners with the prospects leak to the media, creating a smokescreen around what they intended to do with their first pick in the draft. Actually, this category is a tie with both the Cardinals front office and the Raiders front office, led by Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock. The Raiders have been linked to just about every prospect in this class, thanks to a surplus of first rounders. One of my favorite images from the pre-draft process was the video circulating that showed Gruden slapping Raiders stickers on the helmets of his players at the Senior Bowl.

Cutest Couple

It seemed like a forgone conclusion that Kingsbury and Murray would get this after their seven year long fascination with one another. Yet somehow, Pete Carroll and D.K Metcalf were able to wrestle this one away with their shirtless embrace following the Seahawks selection of Metcalf at the end of round 2.

Most Unique

D.K Metcalf has the body of a god and the speed of an elk yet he can’t move laterally at all. Who knows why that is but it is certainly unique.

Most Unforgettable

Kyler Murray turning down a baseball career to become the first sub 6’ foot tall QB ever taken in the first round of the NFL Draft, pretty unforgettable storyline. Oh, also he’s going to play for a coach who has been known to run an “Air Raid” offense on a team that just traded it’s first round pick last year to make room for Murray. Very distinct indeed.

Most Likely to Win O.R.O.Y

Kyler Murray is going to win for the NFC. We already knew that though.

Most Likely to Win D.R.O.Y

With the success of Darius Leonard and Leighton Vander Esch last season, I could see a similar hybrid linebacker like Devin White or Devin Bush (or both) winning this year.

Biggest Head Scratcher

Why no team took a chance on University of Buffalo QB Tyree Jackson, virtually the same prospect as Josh Allen last year. Now he is doomed to back up that very same Josh Allen while sticking around in Buffalo, this time as a Bill.

Most Likely to Find Success as an UDFA

Gerald Willis was seemingly a day two prospect, yet he went undrafted and will now suit up for the Ravens, where he can learn from Michael Pierce and Brandon Williams. Willis has great potential in Baltimore.

Best Value Pick

Dwayne Haskins going to Washington at 15 was unbelievable, but the Jaguars getting the best run blocking tackle in the class (Jawaan Taylor) at pick 35 was the best value pick of the whole draft.

Biggest Reach

Drafting Daniel Jones at sixth overall should be tried as a war crime. That’s all there is to say about that.

Most Likely to Game Past His Bedtime

T.J Hockenson looks more like a Fortnite Pro than he does an NFL TE. Daniel Jones gives him a run for his money in this department, but something about Hockenson’s face just screams “MOM! GET OUT OF HERE! I JUST GOT A GOLD SCAR AND I FOUND A GOLF CART!”

Most Likely To Spoil End Game

Devin Singletary has the opportunity to learn from Lesean McCoy, America’s number one enemy, on the fine art of spoiling one of the greatest movies of all time.


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  1. Keep an eye our for Emmanuel Hall (UDFA) over the next couple of years. Kid’s got talent and if he can ride to the starting roster in a crowded Bears receiving corps, watch out.

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