Quick Hit Playoff Thoughts

Quick Hit Thoughts on the Eastern and Western Semifinals: Game 2


  • Stealing one in Milwaukee has to be considered a win. The Celtics and Bucks fought until Game 7 last year and this year should be no different with both teams having improved dramatically.
  • Gordon Hayward has been a huge bright spot this postseason. Still, when he struggles, it is much harder for the Celtics to win. He needs to be on his game in order for the Celtics to have a chance. Not just that, but he needs to be involved in the P & R. He did damage because of it in Game 1 and it was odd to see him handle the ball less on Tuesday night.
  • Kyrie had an awful performance in Game 2. 4-18 from the field is not going to cut it against one of the premier teams in the league. Even still, the Celtics were in it till halfway through the third with Kyrie struggling. He won’t struggle like this again.


  • Milwaukee goes into Boston with a huge confidence boost after dismantling the Celtics in Game 2. This was the type of performance they needed after being embarrassed on their home floor in Game 1.
  • Khris Middleton is the most important player for the Bucks. The man is playing like Michael Jordan vs the Celtics and absolutely destroyed their will on Tuesday night. He could not miss from three and that is critical to the Bucks success. The Celtics will make life miserable for Giannis, that is a given. They will crash on him and try and clog up any lanes. That is when it will be up to Middleton to drain 3’s like he did last night.
  • There was a lot of talk about the referees going into last night. The Bucks did not win because of the referees. They won because they made open 3’s, something they did not do Game 1. If they continue to shoot like this the Bucks will win the series.


  • The Warriors look great again… and everybody is ecstatic about it.
  • Steph Curry fought through yet another injury to drop 20 points. He has been pretty quiet this series and yet the Warriors are winning. That is not good news for the NBA… this year. That’s because they are being carried by…
  • Kevin Durant. He is single handedly carrying the Warriors to another title with his performances. While everyone else supports him Durant himself is dropping 29+ easily. He is proving to be the best player in the game at the moment and everyone is excited to see him leave the Golden State this offseason.


  • Complaining about the officiating this much is a bad look for the Rockets. Yes, the officials were dreadful in Game 1 and missed a lot of calls. But, they also flopped on some plays and they have a reputation of flopping that probably affected the officials’ opinion. Reports surfaced that they blamed the referees for their loss in the 2018 Western Conference Finals without looping in the Warriors, a bad look for a franchise already ridiculed by some.
  • What a performance by James Harden. It is difficult to play basketball. It is even more difficult to play basketball at an NBA level while healthy. Yet, James Harden carried the Rockets with a nasty eye injury that would have caused a lot of players to sit out the rest of the game. Yet, he dropped 29 points while keeping the Rockets in the game. He gets mocked a lot for being soft and flopping, but he played his heart out Tuesday night.
  • The Rockets looked unbeatable for a while in the first round. Suddenly, they look overmatched. They need to take every game at home in order to even have a chance to win. They finished 31-20 at home in 2018 so it is certainly possible, but suddenly this series looks like it will be Warriors in 5.

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