MIL vs BOS and DEN vs POR Quick Hit Thoughts

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MIL vs BOS and DEN vs POR Quick Hit Thoughts

Bucks vs Celtics

  • Let’s get this one out of the way early: the refs were not the reason why the Celtics lost last night. The refs had a spectacularly awful game, but they did not make the Celtics take contested threes and long twos all night. That being said, expect a lot of make up calls in Game 4 to go the Celtics way.
  • The Bucks were physically dominant last night. They got a lot of calls in the paint but that is because they were getting to the paint with ease.  If the Bucks keep doing that then they open up the floor and get their shooters alone. They will be hard to beat when they all pay their game.
  • Gordon hayward looked lost last night. A week after everyone was singing his praises, he proceeded to have an awful game where looked a step too slow and hesitant on his drives. The Celtics need April hayward to resurface if they’ll have a chance.

Nuggets vs Trail Blazers

  • What. A. Game. This is what the NBA Playoffs are about. Clutch shot after clutch shot. The intensity and the will to win. It was a joy to see these two teams go at it for 4(!!!) Overtimes.
  • Portland is obviously in the driver’s seat. They were the favorites coming in and they have a chance to effectively end the series in Game 4. With Lillard leading the charge, I’m taking Portland in 6 after a Portland win in Game 4 and A Denver win.
  • The Nuggets are not out of this series, not by any means. But I’ excited to see how good they are next offseason. With  Michael Porter coming in, it’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic in Denver changes.

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