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an article by Angel Maldonado

There aren’t many times that I will come out and say a player is undraftable. There may be times where the player’s actual ADP is more than his actual value, but if he drops I’m still more than happy to pick him up. That is not the case for this year’s bust in waiting: Todd Gurley.

Todd Gurley is one of the best running backs in all of football. I am not trying to mitigate that nor do I think his talent level itself has decreased. But after every report stating that Todd Gurley is “ok”, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Todd Gurley is not an injury risk: he is permanently injured. And that’s a problem. While most players head into an NFL season relatively free of injuries, Gurley will walk into every training camp for the rest of his career with a knee injury, a huge deal for a RB with bellcow talent. Despite what Sean McVay or Todd Gurley’s personal trainers say, it’s obvious that there is an internal worry about whether or not Gurley can last a whole season, never mind carry a workload all by himself. If that wasn’t obvious after the Rams matched an offer sheet for Malcom Brown, it was EXTREMELY obvious after Los Angeles moved up to draft Darrell Henderson. This is the football equivalent of “The guy she told you not to worry about.” IT’S A BIG RED FLAG!!! Not only is spending draft capital on a RB an indication of how the Rams may be nervous about Todd Gurley, but Henderson is a great fit with the Rams in their zone blocking scheme. Henderson’s strength lies in his explosiveness and ability to take the ball all the way on any given play. The Rams scheme is a great fit for players who can make one cut and go, and that’s exactly where Henderson’s strengths lie.

Henderson, who averaged 8.9 YPC his last two years of college, is going to have a role in this Rams offense.

Draft season in fantasy football leagues is an exciting time, but it usually isn’t where you win or lose a league. The foundation of a winning team is built in the draft, but it is finalized and won in the waiver wire and in trades. But, you can lose a season in the draft, and drafting Todd Gurley is exactly how you lose a season. He’s still among the Top 24 players drafted and he’s coming into 2019 with far too many question marks. Picking him in the first round is banking on him receiving 18+ carries a game plus his usual receiving work. You’re also expecting him to continue the absolute torrid pace he was playing at and assuming the Rams offense won’t have any sort of regression. All of these risks combine into a situation I’d rather avoid. Think of it like buying a car. Do you want to take the save car with little to no risk, or overpay for a car that used to be really good but now comes with a ton of warning signs? Don’t buy the old car. Avoid Todd Gurley, save yourself a headache, and look elsewhere in 2019. And please, whatever you do, don’t draft him in the first round.

What do you think, is Todd Gurley worth the risk? Will you still select him in any of your 2019 drafts? Let us know in the comments below! Make sure to like the article if you enjoyed and follow the blog for our latest fantasy football analysis!


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