Top 5 Exciting Teams to Watch in 2019

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The NBA offseason is in full swing and the landscape of the league is about to change. The Warriors, fresh off losing the Finals to the Raptors, find themselves at a crossroads. Gone are the days where they were a shoo-in to be in the Finals, and with that comes a new era in the NBA. Below are the top 5 teams we want to watch in 2019 as the new era of the NBA begins…

Phoenix Suns

The Suns have a great young core, but they’re struggling to put it together. Because of that, Devin Booker is starting to gain attention as a “losing player” whose stats are great due to the fact that he’s on a losing team. Personally, I disagree with that narrative, but watching Booker grow should be one of the storylines of the NBA season. Add the high sky potential of Deandre Ayton to the mix and the Suns are just a PG away from making some noise out West. Some things to watch out for: Will D’Angelo Russell be heading to Phoenix? Will Josh Jackson develop? It’ll be exciting to watch this team develop or get lost in the wind.

Brooklyn Nets

They did it. The Nets did it. After being the laughingstock of the league for YEARS after the Paul Pierce-KG trade, the Nets have successfully rebuilt their franchise. WITH NO DRAFT PICKS!!! It really is amazing what they’ve done and it’s a testament to the Nets front office that they are officially the best basketball franchise in New York. We’ve already covered why it was Kyrie or bust for the Celtics, but the Nets may have replaced them with regards to being a must watch team. Add in the possibility of KD joining them after he heals up and suddenly the Nets could be the biggest contender in the East.

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks may relocate to Europe. After losing the all time great Dirk Nowistski, the Mavs have added Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, both of whom are talented enough to lead a team. This Euro tandem is indicative of an NBA that is using international players more and more. The Mavs head into the next stage of their rebuild with renewed excitement and playoff hopes for the first time in years,and that should make for an exciting viewing experience in 2019. Will Porzingis live up to his potential WIll Luka continue his growth? 2019 will be a good indicator of what to expect in the coming years in Dallas.

New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans are in an enviable spot, something that looked impossible just a few months ago. Who would have thought that after losing one generational talent they would immediately be given another? The Pelicans were already going to be a fascinating watch purely because of Zion. Add Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram to the mix and not only do you have the best young core in the league, but also the most must watch team in the league. Well, there is one team that might trump them in that category…

Los Angeles Lakers

It’d be foolish to put anyone else at the 1 spot. After months of speculation and trade offers, LeBron James finally gets the chance to play with Anthony Davis.We’ve been imagining this tandem for years and in 2019 it will finally become a reality. Showtime is back and the Lakers now have to fill up their roster with players to complement them. Will the Lakers get a third star or will they sign some 3 and D players to shore up their roster? Will anybody be able to match the Lakers star power? Is Anthony Davis a Center or Power Forward? All these questions should be answered in 2019 and one thing is for sure: the Lakers are must watch T.V.

What team are you most excited to see in 2019? Let us know in the comments and subscribe for more NBA coverage as the offseason rolls on!


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