The Suns are a JOKE, David Griffin is not, and Other Takeaways from the 2019 NBA Draft

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As a lifelong Suns fan of 2 months, I was quite distraught by how last night played out. It was a draft that made no sense and was a far cry from the Zion promise that every fellow Suns fan was holding on to since last season started. But the Suns weren’t the only team with an eventful night. Below are some quick hit thoughts from last nights 2019 NBA Draft.

The Suns Are a JOKE

Poor Devin Booker…

What. The. Hell. I have watched this team suffer through the dark ages of the latter stage of the 2019 season. I  have seen them waste Devin Booker for approximately two months. But never did I expect them to butcher this draft so horrendously. How did this happen? The trade with the Timberwolves was bad enough, but then they picked Cameron Johnson. Why? If you’re going  to pick Johnson then keep trading back and pile up more assets! Trading T.J Warren and a second for cash considerations was equally as confusing, and so was them picking up the Baynes contract. Basically the Suns picked the oldest first round talent available with little upside to pair alongside Devin Booker. At least we can look forward to Dario Saric!!! And Aron Baynes! And another wasted year of Devin Booker! Oh, and the Suns reportedly are not pursuing D-Lo.

It’s a tough time to be a Suns fan.

David Griffin Deserves a Statue

See, David Griffin understands the concept of a rebuild. Sure, he was gifted Zion and that helps any rebuild. But he made the most out of the Lakers trade by acquiring more assets in a draft devoid of premier talent after the first three picks. They got their man in Jaxson Hayes, who will immediately create one of the most fearsome frontcourts in the league, and a sharpshooter in Alexander-Walker. Oh and by the way, the Pelicans also have Lonzo Ball, Jrue Holiday and Brandon Ingram.

It’s a good time to be a Pelicans fan, and David Griffin should be commended for maximizing the haul from the Anthony Davis trade. Give that man his statue!

The Celtics Are Rebuilding

No, they are not “retooling”. The Celtics are in a full on rebuild and fans are not happy about that. They seem to have reached for a few players in Grant Williams and Romeo Langford, but the selection of Carsen Edwards at 33 is an absolute steal and Celtics fans should be overjoyed about that. The selection of Langford is a curious one since Jaylen Brown has that position secured for the immediate future, but the Celtics will boast the deepest Guard group in the NBA if things break their way. Of course, recent history suggests it won’t. At least Grant Williams knows the Earth is round!

The Hawks Are Must Watch TV

The Hawks may just be the next dynasty. With a core of John Collins, DeAndre Hunter, and Trae Young, the Hawks are well on their way to building a contender. Add a promising prospect in Cam Reddish and the Hawks may be worth the NBA League Pass this season. Their willingness to make moves has paid off and they now have one of the brightest futures in the NBA.

What did you think of your teams draft? Do you disagree or agree with these takes? Let us know and make sure to follow @3CoSports on Twitter for more NBA content!


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