Worth Every Penny [Rashaad Penny Value Check]

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An article by Angel Maldonado

The 2019 RB Class was underwhelming in many ways. Besides Phillip Lindsay, no running back really stood out. Sony Michel showed up, when healthy, but he was hurt at two separate points in the year. Ronald Jones was an absolute bust his rookie year, and Rashaad Penny didn’t have much of an opportunity to show out with Chris Carson being an absolute beast. Don’t get it wrong though. When Penny carried the ball, he made it count. In only 85 rushing attempts, Penny accumulated 419 yards and 2 touchdowns, a 4.9 YPC. Of course, Chris Carson was similarly effective to the tune of 1,124 yards on 247 carries, a 4.7 YPC and 9 TDs. While some teams like to brag about their RBBCs, the Seahawks truly do have a dynamic duo capable of taking over games. But, with Chris Carson holding down the fort with the starting job, is Penny worth the gamble in 2019?


Penny’s ADP is fair. At a current price of 6.11, it makes sense given his obvious upside but the stiff competition he faces. If Carson is ineffective or if he gets hurt, Penny would be a league winning selection that would almost definitely finish among the top 10 RBs of the season. At this price, Penny is 100% worth the gamble. To give you an idea of where he’s going, Kareem Hunt, Robby Anderson, Darrell Henderson, and James White are all going around the same area and have just as many if not more question marks than Penny without the upside. Penny’s price is definitely fair and, considering how high his upside is, it may even be a steal.


In a year where Saquon Barkley was drafted, Penny was arguably the best runner in the draft…

The question with Penny has never been talent, but rather his fit with the team. It was shocking to see the Seahawks take Rashaad Penny with their first round pick after their constant praise of Chris Carson throughout the offseason. Of course, Carson was coming off a season ending injury and didn’t have the pedigree that Penny did coming out of college. It’s easy to forget that Penny was deemed by some as a superior runner than Barkley going into the draft last year. According to Pro Football Focus, Penny led all college running backs in yards gained after initial contact with an amazing 3.32 yards after contact. This tells us a few things. 1- He is a strong, strong man who does not shy away from contact. 2: He fits the Seahawks’ Power Run/RPO scheme perfectly and 3: He is a beast in the end zone. All of these traits bode well for him should he be given the opportunity to carry on a larger workload. Add in his 4.46 40 time and his incredible elusiveness and you’ve got a running back with every tool needed to be a star in this league.  We could go on and on about his talent, but if you need more convincing check out the PFF article we linked and see it for yourself


I’ll get straight to the point: I am super high on Penny. He was a beast in college, a beast in his limited playing time last year, and will be a beast with a larger workload. He has all the tools to become a premier fantasy and NFL star, all he needs is an opportunity. Even if Carson continues to perform and doesn’t lose the starting job, the Seahawks run the ball more than any other team in the league and have plenty of carries to give. This is a dynamic 1-2 punch that offers tremendous upside and, in Penny’s case, for a fairly reasonable price. Don’t  count on Penny as your RB2, but if you get him as your flex you will be well on your way to putting together a championship caliber team.


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