The Best of the Worst|Not-So Smart Signings From NBA Free Agency

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Alex Kurpeski

Oh NBA Free Agency how entertaining you truly are. With so many names on the move during day one of free agency, there are bound to be some terrible contracts sprinkled in. While there was a lot of money being thrown around, these are the contracts that are gonna make us scratch our heads next offseason.

PF Kristaps Porzingis to Dallas (5 years 158 mil)

While this was an inevitable resigning for Dallas, the risks associated with Porzingis make him an extremely uncertain player to have on a max contract. With a sexual assault allegation stemming from his time in New York on top of his nearly two year long recovery from an achilles tear, there is a lot not to like about Dallas committing so much money to KP. There is a chance that this contract backfires horribly for the Mavs, whether that’s due to Porzingis’s legal troubles or his injury history. However, as long as those aspects do not become an issue and the Mavs keep Porzingis happy then they should be getting a top tier player at a decent price.

PG Terry Rozier to Charlotte (3 years 58 mil)

As a Celtics fan, I’ve seen both the good and the bad sides of Rozier. Neither one is worth this kind of money.

An erratic shooter who defaults to heat check mode on every other possession, Rozier is not the kind of point guard you want to build around in today’s NBA. If you’re looking for comparable entities, guys like Reggie Jackson and Dennis Schroeder are kin to Rozier, as they are dynamic yet frustrating guards with more confidence than they should have. What baffles me the most about this contract is that the Hornets were willing to dish out 20 million to a vastly inferior player while not paying the greatest player in franchise history what he is worth. 

It’s safe to say that Charlotte is not getting better by trading out Kemba for “Scary Terry”. 

PF/C Al Horford to Philadelphia (4 years 109 mil)

Al Horford is a great player, teammate, and above all, a great person. However, he is a 33 year old big man with a body that is slowly breaking down and signing him to a deal this big is a sign of desperation from Philadelphia. 

The Sixers are now paying 50 million plus to Horford and Embiid, two big men who can barely stay on the court for more than 25 minutes during a game. Likewise, the team will now sacrifice a lot of its defensive switchability by trotting out lineups with lumbering bigs like Horford, Embiid, and even Tobias Harris. While I think Philly will still be very good, I can see them getting easily exposed by smaller, more explosive offensive players in the playoffs. 

PF/SF Al-Farooq Aminu to Orlando (3 years 29 mil)

Aminu would have been an awesome addition on a contender, where his defensive versatility and spot up shooting would have made him an extremely valuable 6th or 7th man on a playoff rotation. However, he chased the money to join a super crowded frontcourt in Orlando, where he along with Nikola Vucevic will be responsible for blocking Jonathan Issac and Mo Bamba’s paths to playing time for the next few years. This move is a great example of a team settling for the middle of the pack. 

PG Tomas Satoransky to Chicago (3 years 30 mil)

I really like Satoransky as a player. His passing ability and length make him an intriguing matchup, as he borders on point-forward territory. Yet this signing confuses me, as the Bulls currently have a top-10 pick at the point guard position (Coby White) and a solid backup/temporary starter in Kris Dunn. Adding Satoransky to the mix isn’t a terrible concept, but at 10 million per season he is being paid like a starter. That 10 million could be the difference between the team creating max cap room for a notable free agent in the future or being stuck hunting the bargain bin. 

C DeAndre Jordan to Brooklyn (4 years 40 mil)

Jordan is about as washed up as possible at this point yet the Nets have him this contract to appease Kyrie and KD. That’s just bad business. 

Not only is the team overpaying Jordan, but they are also blocking young star Jarrett Allen’s path to playing time by inserting the former Lob City member into their rotation. A weird move in an offseason where the Nets had been killing it. 

SF/PF Bojan Bogdanovic to Utah (4 years 73 mil)

There are some that think the Jazz will make a deep playoff run thanks to the addition of Bogdanovic and Mike Conley. While I wouldn’t rule out the possibility, one has to imagine that the team’s defense will take a step back with a starting lineup that features two plodding white guys at the forward spots (Joe Ingles and Bogdanovic). While Bogdanovic is an excellent scoring forward, I think his numbers were definitely inflated by the lack of scoring options in Indiana last season. This could end up being a massive overpay for the 30 year old Bogdanovic. 

PG Corey Joseph to Sacramento (3 years 37 mil)

Joseph is an okay backup point guard who the Kings are paying like a top flight role player. This just seems like another case of a small market team throwing around money to secure mediocre talents. 

SF Harrison Barnes to Sacramento (4 years 85 mil)

Sorry Kings fans but the bill does not stop here. I don’t really hate the resigning of Barnes here, as he is a solid scoring forward with big game experience. However, I don’t like this deal in the sense that it continues to reward just okay players for their reputations more than their actual value. 

SF Trevor Ariza to Sacramento (2 years 25 mil)

This is the last one I promise. The Kings are signing role players as if they think they are capable of winning a title this year. Someone needs to break the news to them that they are in fact, the Sacramento Kings.


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