BEST Ways to Embarrass Your Fantasy League’s Biggest Loser

July 4th has come and gone and it is officially Fantasy Football season. An important part of any league is keeping it fresh and encouraging active participation all year long. One of the best ways to do that is by enforcing a last place punishment. But what could you do? Read on to discover how to best punish your league’s biggest loser!

The Smoothie Challenge

If you truly want to punish the biggest loser on your league, this is something that will inflict physical and psychological damage on your victim. The Smoothie challenge was popular on Youtube a few years ago, but it still has not lost its relevance. It goes like this: Each league mate picks an ingredient to put into a smoothie that the loser must drink. Typically, the ingredients are less than appealing and may induce trauma when forcing the victim to drink it. It’s a fun way to involve your whole league and a punishment that will have the league’s bottom feeders active until Week 16 of the Fantasy season.

Draft Bartender

Having to serve your buddies drinks at next year’s draft sucks enough. But doing so while dressed up in an outfit your league-mates decide on? That is humiliating. Of course, the league would take multiple videos and upload it on social media, immortalizing the outfit and the day. This is a classic and one that should be considered annually for the league’s biggest loser.

Public Shaming

For those leagues with truly evil members, this is the punishment for you. It takes the Draft Bartender concept, but on a bigger scale. Have your league mates decide on an outfit for the loser, and then have them stand on a street corner holding a sign with a message from the league. Videos and pictures are a requirement and this would be an experience every ;league member would be motivated to 

Social Media Hijack

Imagine your Instagram account being taken over by your best friend for a day. It probably wouldn’t go well. Now imagine a whole league worth of people having access to all your social media accounts for a day. Sound like a nightmare? This punishment is one most league members would actively try and avoid since screenshots on social media live forever, but it would be fun for everybody but the loser.

Workout Dress Up

For those with league-mates fond of working out, this is the perfect punishment. You’re taking one of their joys in life and filling it with embarrassment and sadness. Dress up your league-mate in an appropriately ridiculous costume and have them go to their local gym and workout, all while their fellow gym mates look and judge.

Open Mic Night

The most evil of all the punishments of this list, forcing the winner to participate in an open mic night is a popular punishment on Reddit, and for good reason. Imagine having to pretend like you’re an up and coming comedian and being forced to go up there with no script or anything. It’s horrifying. It’s a punishment that will make end of the season an absolute dogfight and create lifelong memories for everyone, including one very unlucky individual. So sit back, record, and enjoy the hilariousness that ensues.

What punishment will you be bestowing upon your league’s last place finisher? Let us know in the comments below and share if you enjoyed!

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