AJ Green Injury: Quick Hit Thoughts

A.J Green is down. In other news, water is wet.

A.J Green is one of the best WR talents the NFL has seen this century. Despite that talent, Green has been frustratingly prone to injuries and this year is going to be no different. Green went down with a left foot injury today at training camp and was visibly frustrated according to reports. The injury is another in a long line of foot injuries for the talented wide out, although it is worth noting that the foot on which he suffered this injury is different than last year’s. Without knowing the severity of this injury, here’s some quick hit thoughts on AJ’s value not only to his own fantasy value, but also the Bengals as a whole. 

Tyler Boyd’s Value Goes Down

A.J Green will always draw the most attention from the opposing team. He has the talent to overcome this extra attention because he is an absolute monster, but most Wide Receivers can be eliminated from a game plan if they are blanketed. Tyler Boyd is a good receiver, but he isn’t a No.1. That’s not an insult to his skillset , but a testament to how amazing Green is at distracting opponents and opening things up for his teammates. With Green in the line-up, Boyd averaged 79.1 Yards Per Games as opposed to the 62.1 YPG without Green. He may improve on that this year, but Green is a vital part of the Bengals offense that makes everyone’s job easier. If Green is out for any games, Boyd’s value immediately goes down.

Joe Mixon’s Value Stays About Even

Joe Mixon is the safest player when it  comes to his fantasy value being impacted without Green. With Green, the Bengals will reach the end zone more often. That’s obvious. Bt without Gren, targets open up for Mixon that otherwise may not necessarily  come to him. As such, Mixon’s value stays relatively similar to what it would be with Green in the line-up. He’a a Top 10 back with potential to be even better than last year, especially in PPR leagues.

Andy Dalton Shouldn’t Be Drafted

With A.J Green, Dalton is a sleeper QB that will outperform his Draft Day status. Without Green, Dalton is a bottom 20 QB who all owners should stay away from. It’s hard to say exactly how many times Green has bailed out Dalton’s bad throws, but it’s enough that Dalton becomes much more effective in fantasy without him. Stay away from Dalton if you weren’t already. Without Green, he won’t be of much use.

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