2019 Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Preview

Welcome to the first of our Fantasy Football Season Previews. We start off with a team everyone should invest in: The Kansas City Chiefs. But where does the value lie on a team with so many stars? Let’s take a look.


Patrick Mahomes is an absolute stud and will be for many years. Currently, he is being taken in the second or third round of most start-up drafts and this is certainly not surprising. After his successful MVP season everybody wants a piece of Mahomes. But this is a steep price to pay. The difference between Mahomes and a QB you pick in the 8h round isn’t as stark as the WR/RB difference in Round 3 compared to Round 8. There’s no doubt that picking Mahomes at this position gives you an elite player, but the value is not there. Part of the reason why Mahomes was a league winner is the fact that he was a 9th Round pick that became the QB1. Mahomes isn’t where you should be investing in the Chiefs offense.

Running Back

Damien Williams did a fine job filling in for Kareem Hunt last year, but this year has the makings of a Kareem Hunt/Spencer Ware type of year. What I mean by that is that the current RB is a serviceable, but overall average payer who will perform well because of his offense, not because of himself. However, there are players who can give Williams a run for his money, and that scares me off of him. I do not think Damien Williams will finish the season as the Chiefs RB1. I’m much more interested in Darwin Thompson and Darrell Williams. Darwin Thompson is the name that stands out to me because of the fact that he measured so well at the combine and because he seems to fit the Chiefs scheme perfectly. He’s a fast, strong, back with good hands and great good pass-blocking ability. I do want to invest in the Chiefs offense, but take a flier on Darwin Thompson towards the later stages of the draft instead of investing in a question mark in Round 3. 

Wide Receiver

Despite your thoughts about his offseason, Tyreek Hill being back with the Chiefs with no suspension to speak of automatically makes him a WR1, and one that is worth paying up for. Tyreek Hill finished as thTHE WR1 in fantasy last year thanks to multiple explosions where he absolutely burned the opposing team’s secondary with his speed. There will be the occasional dud weeks, but if you build a consistent roster around Hill you have the makings of a stacked and dangerous squad. Sammy Watkins is also worth spending a pick on. He’s the WR2 for the best offense in the league and with the various questions surrounding Hill he’s a good mid round pick. Mecole Hardman makes for an interesting late round flier. Rookie WRs typically don’t get much chance to shine, but Mahomes has shown that he loves going deep to his speedy targets and Hardman certainly fits the bill. With his 4.33 speed, Hardman will have a chance to get behind a lot of secondaries and with teams paying attention to Hill, Kelce, and Watkins, Hardman will have plenty of opportunities to shine. He’s an excellent late round dart throw.

Tight End

Travis Kelce is the TE1 and is worth his current price. That’s really where the conversation should end, but let’s go a bit more in depth.He has 3 straight 100o yard season and he has increased his fantasy output every year since he came into the league. He finished last year with 190.1 points. His 150 targets were a career high and he is in the most explosive offense in the NFL. Despite being a star, defenses can’t double/triple team him due to the presence of Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins, and there’s no single LB/Safety that can shut down Travis Kelce. He’s in an enviable position and when you factor in his Hall of Fame talent it’s easy to see why Kelce is costing a second round pick in most drafts. That price is well worth paying for the stud TE. 


Tyreek Hill

Sammy Watkins

Meclel Hardman

Darwin Thompson

Darrell Williams


Patrick Mahomes

Damien Williams

Chiefs D/ST

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