Quarterly Report

by Angel Maldonado

Remember when we were all making preseason predictions? Those were simpler times. The 2019 season has been a whacky one. DeAndre Hopkins and Odell Beckham Jr are not even Top 20 receivers, Chris Godwin looks like Jerry Rice, and Joe Mixon isn’t going anywhere. Due to the nature of the season, I wanted to look back at  predictions I made over the summer. Some have panned out and some… were way off. Part of the fun in covering fantasy football is holding yourself accountable, so let’s take a look at our Quarterly Report!

Mark Andrews is a Top 6 Tight End

This one wasn’t necessarily a hot take, but the concept of Andrews being ranked higher than players like Hunter Henry and Zach Ertz was surprising to a few people. Despite reports of a growing connection with Lamar Jackson, some still doubted whether the Ravens offense would be good enough to support a top TE. After 4 weeks, it’s fair to say that this prediction is indeed panning out. Andrews is currently a Top 3 TE in the vast majority of fantasy formats following a scorching hot start to the season. With George Kittle and Zach Ertz under-performing, the time is now for Mark Andrews to solidify his place as a Top 6 fantasy tight end. 

Conclusion: So Far, So Good

JuJu Smith Schuster Will Finish as WR1

Coming into the season, it looked like JuJu was primed to make noise as the top target in an offense that has historically performed exceptionally well. Those hopes were dashed when he had to face the vaunted Patriots defense Week 1, only to lose Ben Roethlisberger for the year just a week later. Since then, Juju has proven to be a solid, albeit inconsistent producer for his fantasy owners, largely being held in check besides one long touchdown in week three. Meanwhile, Diontae Johnson has seemingly grown to become backup Mason Rudolph’s favorite target. JuJu will undoubtedly take that title back and should still be a solid WR2 moving forward, but he is NOT finishing as WR1.

Conclusion: Swing and a Miss

Darwin Thompson Is a League Winner

Darwin Thompson is about as relevant as Doug Baldwin this year.

Darwin Thompson shined this preseason. He was running all over defenders, showing great vision and speed, and showing off his chops in the passing game. He was a popular pick as a potential league winner who would take over Damien Williams’ starting job at some point in the year. And then the Chiefs signed Lesean McCoy. Suddenly, his opportunity was gone. It’s safe to say he’s not going to get his chance in this backfield anytime soon.

Conclusion: Strike Out

Christian McCaffrey is the RB1

Smiling like someone who’s about to finish as the RB1.

Alex Kurpeski has always been an adamant Christian McCaffrey believer. Meanwhile, I was an adamant McCaffrey hater. I did not think he’d be durable enough to be an NFL RB and I surely didn’t expect him to take the league by storm the way he has. However, this year Alex and I both agreed: Christian McCaffrey is the RB1. So far, so good. McCaffrey has been an absolute force and is en route to a legendary season. McCaffrey is on pace for 1,644 yards rushing, 100 catches, and 16 total touchdowns. Can he keep that pace up? Yes, yes he can. McCaffrey is a ridiculous talent and the focal point of Carolina’s offense. There is no reason why McCaffrey should not be the RB1 by year’s end.

Conclusion: So Far, So Good

Chris Godwin is a Top 15 Wide Receiver

I was riding the Godwin hype train all spring/summer long. Chris Godwin had explained excellent route running, red zone presence, and hands throughout his first two seasons in the league. He has finally put it all together this season and as a result, he sits as the #3 receiver in PPR leagues. He is clearly not just a No.2, he’s a No. 1A alongside Mike Evans. Bruce Arians clearly wasn’t kidding when he said he envisioned Godwin having a 100 catch season. My only regret when making this prediction was not aiming any higher. 

Conclusion: So Far, So Good

How are your Pre-Season predictions looking? Let us know in the comments below! These are only 5 that I made on our twitter, @3cosports, so feel free to give us a follow and to call me out whenever I make another awful prediction! If you made a lot of these awful predictions and are stuck in a bad spot in dynasty leagues, why not find out how to tank with style?

Agree or Disagree? Let us know!

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