Finding the Perfect IDP Dynasty League

Finding the Right IDP Dynasty League

by The “Don” Piccolo


If my opening manifesto from last week’s column didn’t make it clear, IDP is my passion.  As an advocate of IDP I have made it my purpose to push the boundaries of fantasy football. This goal has led me to create multiple IDP money leagues with one goal: finding the best recipe for an IDP league (and hopefully winning it.) After two years of trial and error, I want to help you by showing you what to look out for when considering your first IDP Dynasty League.

Keenan Allen and J.J Watt are both elite at their position, and your IDP league settings should reflect that.


  1. You’ve been invited to an IDP League? Congratulations! The first thing you have to do in order to assure this league is worth your time and effort is to go to the Roster Settings. In order for the league to be worth the IDP experience, the offense-defense ratio should be 11-7 at a minimum. If the league does not meet this threshold, consider finding another league as the points will be heavily skewed towards offense. While you could try convincing the commissioner to change the settings, this will probably prove futile. Wish them adieu, inform them of the atrocity they are committing in the name of IDP, and search for the right league for you. 
  2. If the offense-defense ratio has been met, you are well on your way to a fulfilling IDP experience, but you still have to take a look at the Scoring Settings. This can be a tricky one, as every commissioner will think they know best. While variety is undoubtedly a good thing, don’t just rush into while missing the bigger picture. The bigger picture is competitiveness, activeness, and longevity, all of which are crucial features to a successful dynasty League in any format, especially IDP. 
  3. When looking at the scoring, watch out for STACKS. A Stack is when a sack is counted as a Tackle, QB Hit, Sack, Tackle for loss all together it can add up to as little as 1 or 13 points. If you’re not sure if your league stacks, FIND OUT. For those of you that use Sleeper, keep in mind it stacks on there. Please be mindful of the amount of points being  given to each category; if they are too low when you add them FIND A NEW LEAGUE or Make your own. 
  4. HAVE FUN! Make sure your IDP league is full of active and engaged members. IDP is a rewarding experience, but it’s made even better when league members enjoy the process as much as you do.


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