What is the Scott Fish Bowl?

by Angel Maldonado


If you’ve been on Twitter in the past 3 days, your feed has likely been inundated with the hashtag #SFBX. If you’re new to fantasy football or Twitter in general you may be wondering: just what is #SFBX and why is it so important? As someone who had these exact same questions, I’m here to help.


Who is Scott Fish?

Scott Fish is a popular figure in the fantasy football community, having made a name for himself running a website dubbed FFOasis and providing readers with Devy and IDP content. Fast forward a few years and while FFOasis was no more, Fish moved on to Dynasty League Football and continued providing readers with cutting edge analysis while helping raise thousands of dollars for charity, In fact, since creating the Scott Fish Bowl, Fish has gone on to be one of The Athletic’s Persons of the Year and won the FSGA’s Humanitarian of the Year Award.


What is the Scott Fish Bowl?

Initially, the Scott Fish Bowl was a reader league for those subscribed to the aforementioned FFOasis. As Scott transitioned away from FFOasis and towards other opportunities, the league became known as the Scott Fish Bowl (a perfect name to be honest) and began rapidly growing in size (last year alone there were 1,200 teams in the league). After raising $1,500 through Fantasy Cares, that number increased to $15,000 by 2018. In 2020, there will be 1,440 teams over team the course of 120 leagues. 


What’s Up With The Scoring?


While I won’t go too deep into it, the Scott Fish Bowl has adopted different scoring settings that change up the ways are drafted, hence why you’ve seen Drew Brees go in the first round. For official scoring rules, you can go to the official website.


Why Does It Matter?

I’ve seen some individuals bemoaning the Scott Fish Bowl on Twitter due to its presence on their timeline. While you could go ahead and mute #SFBX, I highly recommend you don’t. The work that is being done by Scott Fish and the amount of money that will go towards helping children in need can not be commended enough. When you see someone “bragging” about picking Chris Carson in the fifth round of their SFB draft, remember that what you’re actually seeing is an individual enjoying themselves while participating in a cause that will help thousands of children. During a time when it seems like every piece of news is negative, the Scott Fish Bowl can be a source of light and a sign that, while we have plenty of work to do, football and fantasy football in particular can be used to influence positive change in the world while connecting with others and building friendships. 


Congratulations to Scott Fish and the Scott Fish Bowl team for the tremendous work being done. I look forward to seeing the #SFBX play out this season and good luck to all those involved (and don’t pick Matt Barkley second overall)!

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