Fantasy Football 2020: Tweets of the Week (7/4-7/11)

Twitter is my favorite social media platform and it isn’t particularly close. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat pale in comparison to the hilarity and madness that transpires on Twitter. Want proof? Next time you’re on Instagram count how many of the “hilarious memes” on there are actually just reposts from Twitter. 

This platform superiority extends to the Fantasy Football community as well. As a personal note, Alex and I started 3CoSports primarily on Instagram; we would post three times a day with our takes. The interaction was… minimal to say the least. People would constantly comment “F4F” instead of engaging with the content directly, something which eventually motivated us to move to Twitter as our main social media platform. Needless to say, it was the correct move. Not only have we been able to interact with many great accounts, but the creativity and hilarity of Fantasy Twitter is fun to see. They’re so great, in fact, I wanted to highlight some tweets I saw throughout the week (and one around half an hour ago). Below are the best tweets I saw on my timeline this week.



The Sleeper App has become a favorite among Fantasy Football players over the last couple of years.  Sleeper is a platform that is constantly looking to improve while maintaining fans happy and eager to recommend the platform to their friends. Part of the appeal is that Sleeper presents itself as a platform made by fans for fans and as a result, their social media game is unusually strong. This tweet is a great example of that. Using a popular twitter trend and putting their fantast football spin on it, this made me smile. It’s true too, don’t do Zero RB.



This might be cheating since I’m using my Co-Founder, but I was legitimately shaken by the responses to this tweet. I was 100% convinced Devante Parker was released last offseason and the Dolphins then signed him to a one year deal. We were wrong, obviously, but I would love to know if anyone reading this also thought Parker got released at one point. The Mandela Effect is still going strong.



Jonnu Smith is looking shredded, and Paul and I both had an existential crisis after seeing that picture. I wasn’t eating Taco Bell, but I was enjoying a delicious batch of nachos while attempting to rewatch Star Wars Episode IX. 


Smith has, of course, been the subject of plenty of off-season hype this year. While the verdict is still out on whether or not he’ll fill Delanie Walker’s shoes, he’s making sure everyone knows heading into the season is that playing shape will not be an obstacle for him this year.



An extremely thought-provoking tweet. Who WOULD Michael Scott love? Assuming Michael Scott plays IDP, the easy answer here is Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix. Pretty self-explanatory.  



You’ve been selected as one of the 1,440 managers of the most prestigious league in fantasy football, life is good. Draft day is here and you own the second overall pick, life is great. After CMac is off the board, you rejoice as Barkley joins your roster. But why is he in the QB spot? And… why is he a Quarterback?

That’s the thought process the poor individual who drafted MATT Barkley was probably going through. What a mess. That person’s season is over before a single snap has been played and all because Barkley had the audacity to have the same last name as Saquon Barkley.

Barkley did, of course, hear about this and had fun with it. #SBFX is a wild time, and now the world knows not to draft Matt Barkley in fantasy.

Did you see any great tweets this week? @3CoSports and we’ll feature them next week!

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