Fantasy Football 2020: Cincinnati Bengals IDP Breakdown

The Bengals might not be the first team that comes to mind when it comes to finding IDP gold, but there are some gems on this team that are worth exploring. Much like the Ravens, there is plenty of IDP usage to be had on this team,


Defensive Lineman: 

Carlos Dunlap

This line is stout all the way across. Carlos Dunlap, DJ Reader, Geno Atkins, and Sam Hubbard combine to form a line that has the potential to wreak havoc on opposing offenses this season. Here are some of their 2019 stats. 


Carlos Dunlap 2019 Stats

Total Tackles 63 ( 39 Solo) 

Sacks 9

QB Hits 21 ( 32 Pressures)

Pass Deflections 8

Forced Fumble 2


Dunlap is a very consistent IDP player. One of his biggest buying points is his penchant for deflecting balls, doing it 8 times in 2019 which ranked 2nd among DL. This adds a whole new dimension to what he brings and makes him a more than solid DL2 in any IDP format, especially if they reward more points for deflected passes.


Sam Hubbard was just as impressive in 2019. When you factor in his age and the impact he had on the game it is clear Hubbard is a future building block for the Bengals DL.


Sam Hubbard 2019 Stats

Total Tackles: 76 (46 Solo)

Sacks: 8.5

QB Hits: 13 (19 Pressures)

Pass Deflections: 3 

Forced Fumble: 1


Again, these are his numbers in just his second season. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I can easily see him touching 900 snaps this season and, if he keeps up his rate of production (and there’s nothing to suggest he won’t) this puts him in line to be a high IDP contributor. Keep Hubbard on your Watch List during your drafts.


Of course, that leaves the two DT’s in Reader and Atkins, and they won’t do much for our fantasy purposes. They’re talented players, but as we know DTs are not going to accumulate many fantasy points for us. They are, however, going to help the DE’s and LB’s. 




Contrary to popular belief, Germaine Pratt’s rookie campaign actually wasn’t too bad. Although he played every game, he only played 436 snaps and didn’t receive consistent playing time until later in the season. With that disclaimer, here are his 2019 stats.


Germaine Pratt 2019 Stats

Total Tackles 76 (50 Solo) 


That’s it.


His 2019 consisted purely of tackles. While tackles are an important part of any solid IDP player, Pratt’s inability to cover effectively makes him unreliable and slams a roof on his ceiling. With the rookie additions of Logan Wilson and Akeem Davis Gaither he will have competition in camp and, while it is his job at the moment, he has a lot to prove before he becomes the mainstay signal-caller of the Defense. Take him as a flex player with upside; he is not a weekly ”must start” but is definitely worth the grab in the later rounds. There is plenty of uncertainties with all three players, but tons of potential as well.



shawn williams

There’s a couple of players in Cincinnati’s secondary worth keeping an eye on. One of those players is Shawn Williams.



Shawn Williams 2019 Stats

Total Tackles: 114 (80 Solo)

Sacks: 1 

QB Hits: 3 (5 Pressures)

Pass Deflections: 3

Forced Fumble: 0

Fumble Recovery: 0 


As the veteran defensive leader of this defense, he’ll be on the field plenty and is a solid DB2, slotting in at 16 in my rankings (which will be released entirely soon).


Jessie Bates III is another name to monitor. He has made 32 consecutive starts and played over 1050+ snaps each season, important stats to note since he’s usually in a position to accumulate IDPpoints. At 23 years old, he’s a worthy target in Dynasty IDP drafts.


Jessie Bates 2 Year Average 

Total Tackles 105: (71.5 solo)

Interceptions: 3

Pass Deflections 8

Forced Fumble: .5

Fumble Recovery: .5

Bates III slots in right after Williams at 17 in my IDP DB rankings.


Don’t forget about Vonn Bell, the recently acquired Free Agent out of New Orleans, is beginning his 5th season at 25 years of age. 


Vonn Bell Career Averages 

Total Tackles: 87 (62 solo)

Sacks: 2

QB Hits: 4.25 (3 Pressures)

Pass Deflections: 3.5

Forced Fumble: 1.5

Fumble Recovery: 2 


Bell missed 3 games last year with the Saints, but before that, he had never missed a game in his career. That type of consistency is important. Will Jackson and Trae Waynes, the starting CB’s, should only be considered in CB start leagues.


When the Bengals added Von Bell a lot of people wondered what they were doing. Well, my guess is the Bengals will be deploying a 4-2-5 (4DL, 2LB, 5DB). Vonn Bell is going to be the roaming thumper for them and he could very well be a top 5 DB this season; he was well on his way last year before he got injured. Don’t sleep on this defense for IDP Fantasy Relevancy; they will be on the field a lot and there are all kinds of points to be had!

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