Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, and other NFL Stars Raise Coronavirus Concerns

The NFL is in trouble.

On Sunday afternoon, Russell Wilson, Aaron Donald, James White, and multiple other NFL stars spoke out against the NFL’s lack of communication regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. 


The last couple of weeks have seen multiple states record new highs in Covid-19 cases. This turn of events has led many to believe the NFL season may be delayed, if not outright canceled. The news that 49 workers at Lo-Fi Stadium have been infected with the contagious disease does nothing to ease any concerns held by fans or players. While the NFL still has time to put together a comprehensive plan, time is running out fast.


The city of Philadephia has already stated that no fans will be allowed in arenas during the 2020 season, and Canada has recently declared no MLB games will be played in Canada.


Do you believe football will be played in 2020? 

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