Fantasy Football 2020: Jacksonville Jaguars IDP Breakdown

Disclaimer: I’m a GIGANTIC Jaguars fan.


Defensive Linemen


First and foremost, we have to talk about Yannick Ngakoue and his disgruntled situation in Duval County. Ngakoue, of course, has been open about his desire to not play in Jacksonville anymore. So what was the front office trying to accomplish by not trading him before the July 15th deadline? Multiple sources said there were offers on the table, and the Jaguars still sat firm. Speaking as a Jaguars fan, I have to think that Ngakoue is going to play at some point. After all, he loves the game too much… and 17 million is a lot of money to leave on the table. He has no issues with the players or coaching staff, as far as I’m aware. Then again, I could be completely wrong, and he sits out, and that’s ok too. 


I find it unfortunate a player with his production and attitude was not rewarded for outperforming his contract and played it out furthermore. You build a franchise through the draft and re-sign your players within, here is his average for his career for all those wondering why the jags don’t want to lose him. 


Yannick Ngakoue Career Averages

Total Tackles: 30.5 (25 solos)

Sacks: 9.5

QB Hits: 22 (39 Pressures) 

Interceptions: 1

Pass Deflections: 2.5

Forced Fumble: 3.5

Fumble Recovery: 1

Side Note: He’s only missed one game in four years.


He’s an upside pick and, given his ADP, he’s well worth a shot in all IDP leagues.


Fun personal story: I was lucky enough to be in Nashville for the 2019 NFL Draft, it was epic! I repped my Jaguars hard and I was extremely excited to see Allen go to my Jags! Needles to say, I’m very excited to write about this phenom from the University of Kentucky and 7th Overall pick, which was an absolute steal for Jacksonville. A highly coveted young man entering the Draft, I never thought this would have been possible; I mean, he was a shoo-in for Oakland in everyone’s minds at 3rd overall. I’ll take it, please believe, and this is why at only 65% snaps he will be at 99% in 2020!


Josh Allen 2019 Stats

Total Tackles: 44 (31 Solos)

Sacks: 10.5

QB Hits: 23 (39 Pressures)

Pass Deflections: 0 

Forced Fumble: 2

Fumble Recovery: 0



This group has had a tough go of it these past three years. Losing Telvin Smith to retirement  (which was very much unexpected at the time it took place) didn’t help either. As a result, there was some turmoil trying to get Myles Jack prepared to guide rookies around all over the field in a position he hadn’t played much in college. That’s a lot to ask of anyone, much less a young player with a struggling three and out Offense.


Myles Jack has gotten a bad wrap as far as Middle Linebacker is concerned since being moved to his UN-NATURAL position. This season that all changes, I am guaranteeing that all day long! If you think Telvin Smith was great playing the WILL position, Jack is a lot better point-blank. When he doesn’t have to think and is just reacting with his speed, he will be everywhere with newly acquired anchor Joe Schobert roaming the middle of the field to take the pressure off of Jack.


These are the things that get lost in the research. Because little things happen when change occurs, this is one of the reasons I love this game so much. Side Note: Jack never missed a game in the 1st three years, and while missing five games in 2019, he had his best season in coverage. Weakside Linebacker plays more coverage! With him moving over, you’re going to see career numbers from him, especially more turnovers in 2020.


2019  Stats played in 11 games

Total Tackles: 66 (42 Solos)

Sacks: .5 

QB Hits: 2 (2 Pressures)

Interceptions: 1 

Pass Deflections: 4 

Forced Fumble: 0 

Fumble Recovery: 0


When it comes to Joe Schobert, it was difficult for me to find words when I saw the notification come across the phone; to be honest, I almost fainted. Adding him to this defense will set the Jags apart from many teams, especially with our front seven. His ability to lead a defense is remarkable, while evident in his last three seasons in Cleveland. 


Joe Schobert 2019 Stats

Total Tackles: 133 (89 Solos)

Sacks: 2

QB Hits: 4 (5 Pressures)

Interceptions: 4

Pass Deflections: 9

Forced Fumble: 2

Fumble Recovery: 1


As you can see, looking at his numbers and then adding his leadership is a potent mixture for this exciting defense to watch fly around. I honestly can rave about Joe all day long and speak nothing but positives on his game, so I shall stray into the next player.


K’Lavon Chaisson is a linebacker on paper now, but depending on what Yannick does, he can be lining up at DE in the beginning. This would boost his draft stock immensely; even so, Yannick isn’t there for the long haul, so it’s only a matter of time until Chaisson takes over. In the meantime, I expect him to play a Josh Allen role / SLB for about 72% snaps as he did in his rookie season.  Now let us break down the former LSU product a bit, which has been a breeding ground for LB’a lately. In the 2019 season, he erupted onto the scene with impeccable play at the line of scrimmage. Formally equated the LSU defense to 21st in FBS in a 15 game season, and some of the teams in front of them only played 13-14 so you get the point. Now here is the stat line the man had playing off the ball edge rusher in the SEC.


13 Games: 

Total Tackles 60 (34 solo)

Sacks 6.5

Pass Deflections 2

Forced Fumble 1

Fumble Recovery 0.


This first round product is going to make some noise just as Josh Allen did his rookie year. Don’t sleep on him in your rookie drafts; he won’t last long. 



Ronnie Harrison

Ronnie Harrison is coming to his 3rd year now, and this is a considerably important year for him since contract time is here for him. While the league has a healthy amount of safeties all hungry to prove themselves, a guy named Eric Ried comes to mind that is searching for a home still. His numbers need to be improved on, never doing anything eye-popping, but he is a DB3 as he should be as a starting SS with upside. Make sure to give yourself plenty of options, and he can be one that can prove to pay off. Let us not forget he is an Alabama product, and they don’t lay down quickly in the league on the defensive side of the ball. The other safety is Jarrod Wilson, which I don’t see making much impact or corners other than rookie CJ Henderson for that matter. Who is worth a late grab in a dynasty format to stash. I think he is a stud and ready to hit the league ground running. He will have that I am an Island mentality that you look for in a Top 10 CB pick. 


This Jaguars Defense is ready to feast for IDP relevance in the front seven, and they will bring you home championships in some capacity I promise you that. The LB core and DL have me very excited, and they will be early in the IDP picks for your drafts.

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