Fantasy Football Rankings 2020: Top 32 Quarterbacks (The Fanalysts)

The Fanalysts are ready to rank their Top 32 Quarterbacks for the 2020 season. Who do you agree with? Is Tom Brady too high? Is Russell Wilson too low? Let us know on Twitter! (@FF_Fanalysts) and (@3CoSports)


PlayerBradley 6 PT QBBradley RankBilly- 6 PT QBBilly RankBilly & Bradley Average PtsAverage Pts RankAverage RankConsensus Rank
Patrick Mahomes42814381433111
Lamar Jackson42124132417222
Deshaun Watson3903390439033.53
Kyler Murray3776399338844.54
Dak Prescott38743836385555
Tom Brady3855383638465.56
Russell Wilson3767390438375.57
Carson Wentz37093759372.5898
Aaron Rodgers365103551236012119
Matt Ryan372833814355141110
Matthew Stafford352163798365.591211
Drew Brees3561437410365101212
Josh Allen3561437410365101213
Daniel Jones3631135413358.5131214
Gardner Minshew36012324173421514.515
Jared Goff3231733015326.5171616
Joe Burrow35713309223331617.517
Kirk Cousins31919329163241817.518
Ben Roethlisberger3102032119315.51919.519
Teddy Bridgewater2962132318309.52019.520
Ryan Tannehill3211829624308.5212121
Drew Lock2862431920302.5222222
Baker Mayfield2712531021290.5232323
Sam Darnold2922328725289.5242424
Derek Carr2942225129272.52725.526
Philip Rivers2712526628268.52826.529
Cam Newton2483229923273.52527.527
Jimmy Garoppolo26429282262732627.528
Dwayne Haskins2662824730256.5302925
Nick Foles2593127227265.5292930
Justin Herbert2672720032233.53229.531
Tua Tagovailoa26130241312513130.532

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