Fantasy Football 2020 Draft: Picking From The No.1 Slot

Draft season is finally upon us! At least for me, it is. Last week I had my first draft of the year and I think I fielded a pretty nice team. It’s a 10-team 0.5 PPR league that I’ve been playing in for the last five years or so, so the rest of these guys know what they’re doing. Last season was my first time winning this league, so the hard work and my title defense starts now! Here’s the team.

QB: Dak Prescott

RB: Christian McCaffrey

RB: Joe Mixon

WR: Chris Godwin

WR: Robert Woods

TE: Noah Fant

D/ST: Eagles

K: Jason Myers

FLEX: Jonathan Taylor

B: David Montgomery

B: Michael Gallup

B: Jamison Crowder

B: Sterling Shepard

B: Antonio Gibson

B: Marlon Mack

B: Allen Lazard

(1.01) Christian McCaffrey: I had the first overall pick, so this one was easy.

(2.10) Joe Mixon: I always like to start out my drafts by taking two running backs with my first three picks, so I’m happy I was able to snag Joe Mixon. I got Mixon at the very end of the second round and he was the last running back available in the tier I placed him in along with guys like Aaron Jones, Miles Sanders and Austin Ekeler. I think he’ll have more opportunities to score in an offense led by Joe Burrow and he’s one of the focal points on the Bengals. He has 1,100+ yards in two consecutive seasons.

(3.01): Chris Godwin: After taking two running backs to start out, I wanted to go the best available receiver with my third selection. Something I thought was interesting was that Mike Evans went three picks prior to Godwin, despite him having just 67 receptions last year compared to Godwin’s 86. In a 0.5 PPR league, I’ll happily take Godwin.

(4.10) Robert Woods: I had to get a second wide receiver so I was glad to scoop up Robert Woods here. I think he’s the perfect WR2 given his 130+ targets, 85+ receptions and 1,100+ yards in back to back seasons. Brandin Cooks is also gone so Woods may see even more balls thrown his way in 2020.

(5.01) Jonathan Taylor: I took Taylor with the 41st pick and maybe that was a slight bit early, but I just couldn’t help myself. I think Taylor is arguably the best back in his class, and if he’s able to win the Colts’ starting job he has top-10 potential. I took him ahead of Le’Veon Bell, who went with the subsequent pick but I believe even if he doesn’t start on Day 1, I have a strong enough bench to start someone else at the FLEX spot. I was also considering taking Mark Andrews here, but decided to build my RB and WR cores  first before focusing on tight end.

(6.10) David Montgomery: Montgomery was the first player I took for my bench. Last season he finished as the RB24 and I believe that will be his floor heading into 2020. Tarik Cohen will take most of the passing down work, but I feel confident that Montgomery can build off his so-so rookie season. He’s reportedly in impeccable shape.

(7.01) Michael Gallup: I already had four running backs so I wanted to even it out a bit by taking Gallup as my third receiver. He quietly went for over 1,100 yards and six touchdowns last season and his advanced numbers rivaled Amari Cooper’s, particularly towards the end of the season. Hopefully he will be able to cash in on a studded Cowboys offense.

(8.10) Dak Prescott: I wanted to pounce on a quarterback here, since there’s a lot of uncertainty once you reach this area of the draft. Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray went earlier in the eight round, leaving Prescott as the last of the second tier of quarterbacks. I figured he would give me a better chance to win every week than the rest of the bench players available.

(9.01) Jamison Crowder: I loved this pick here with Jamison Crowder. Anytime you can snag a player who had 78 receptions a year ago in the ninth round should be considered a win. The Jets didn’t bring back Robby Anderson so Crowder is poised to be the clear cut number one receiver. If Sam Darnold can take another step forward, Crowder could be the main beneficiary.

(10.10) Noah Fant: I was the last person in my league to draft a starting tight end and Noah Fant was calling my name at the end of the 10th round. I have hyped him up a lot this offseason, so it’s time to see if he can take a second year leap at a position that sees a lot of progress after its rookie season. I also considered Rob Gronkowski here, but figured Fant has more upside given his age and lack of injury history.

(11.01) Sterling Shepard: Shepard missed six games last year, but was very productive when he was on the field, catching at least five passes in eight of his 10 games. Daniel Jones is a popular breakout candidate and if he does pop off, he’ll need to do so by throwing it Shepard’s way.

(12.10) Antonio Gibson: It got to the point of the draft where I just target high upside fliers. Without Derrius Guice in the picture, third round rookie Antonio Gibson has a much wider path to Washington’s starting running back job. He has more upside than Adrian Peterson so I thought, why not?

(13.01) Marlon Mack: Since I took Taylor, I felt that I had to draft Marlon Mack as well. It’s possible Mack starts in Week 1 and when he’s been a starter over the last two years, he’s been productive, running for nearly 2,000 yards and 17 touchdowns. He’s one of the best handcuffs this year.

(14.10) Allen Lazard: I don’t know if he’ll do much this season, but he’s Aaron Rodgers’ number two receiver so I thought I’d take a flier on him.

(15.01) Eagles D/ST: I stream my defenses based on their matchups every week, and the Eagles have a tantalizing first opponent in the Washington Football Team. Dwayne Haskins struggled in his rookie season and they just went through a tumultuous offseason, so I could see them being in shambles at least at the beginning of the season.

(16.10) Jason Myers: I like to take kickers on good offenses, and I believe in Russell Wilson to lead one of the best offenses in 2020.

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