Why Odell Beckham Jr Would Live Up To His Full Potential on the Packers

by Matt Moulaison @mattressboomin


Soooo…OBJ. Odell Beckham Jr. We’ve all heard of him, especially if you hang out around me. It’s likely that you already have an opinion about OBJ. I’m willing to bet that your opinion is one of the following: you either think he’s overrated and say he’s only had one catch in his career or you’re like me and know he’s the most underused receiver in the league given how much talent he brings to the field every week.


Odell started off his career on the New York Giants in 2014. While Beckham Jr. began his rookie year sitting out with a hamstring injury, he made his NFL debut Week 5 against the Atlanta Falcons and finished with 4 receptions for 44 yards and a touchdown and went on to win offensive rookie of the year and ever since then, he’s been one of the most talked-about players in the league for both good and bad. OBJ is known for his one-handed grabs… but he can sure do a lot more than that! The problem is he hasn’t been in the right system or maximize his talent.


Odell,  alongside his college best friend Jarvis Landry, was one of the 2 fastest players to reach 200 receptions. That history is important,  Before Saquon arrived in New York there was really nobody on offense with OBJ except Sterling Shepard and an injured Victor Cruz so the Giants fed the ball to OBJ and he delivered. Now? Well, let’s just say I don’t think Baker is a good fit with OBJ. 


Odell’s numbers with an experienced quarterback  (Eli Manning) far exceed his numbers with a young and green QB (Baker Mayfield).  So, if I was to pick any team for OBJ to go to, it would definitely be the Green Bay Packers. He would gel well with Matt Lafleur and Aaron Rodgers’ offense.


Aaron Rodgers loves to throw the deep ball and Odell sure loves long flashy plays. I believe this is the perfect offense to be on for OBJ. Not only that but lining him up next to Davante Adams would be legendary. Odell’s former teammate Sterling Shepard wasn’t as much of a threat as Adams would be. But how can you double cover both Adams and OBJ? You just can’t. It would lead to more 1 on 1 matchups for both of them; I think that is one of OBJ’s strongest abilities. Odell is an elite route runner and has no trouble getting open, but he needs the opportunity.


Like I said before, Odell is way better on the field with an experienced Quarterback. Throughout Odell’s first two years in the league, he finished with 187 catches, 2,755 yards, and 25 touchdowns all while missing 5 games. But now in Cleveland, he has 97 catches, 1,354, and 7 touchdowns over the last two seasons! I know Odell is going to miss the rest of the year but his numbers over the past couple of seasons pale in comparison to what he can actually do. Hopefully, if Odell is traded to the Packers, we see him get back to the elite-level production he has so much potential for. His journey isn’t over yet.



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