Thanksgiving Special: 3 Players I’m Thankful For

by Luke Sawhook (@lukesawhook)


Happy Thanksgiving 3co Family! This time of year is all about giving thanks and telling everyone around you how much they mean to you. So, to give our own little spin on that I’ll be giving a list of 3 fantasy players that I am so very thankful for this NFL season. Let’s dig in shall we? 

Antonio Gibson

Starting off with my fantasy sweetheart, the apple of my eye, the love of my football life. Mr. Antonio Gibson! Ever since he got drafted I just had this gut feeling that Antonio Gibson was gonna be something special. I drafted him all over the place in rookie drafts and traded for him in several other leagues calling my shot. Boy did that pay off! Gibson has been the running back 10 overall on the season in half-point PPR leagues. Every time Gibson scores a touchdown I feel like a proud father. I am so very thankful for Antonio Gibson this Thanksgiving.

Terry McLaurin

Up next we are sticking with the Washington Football Team and going with a guy that many saw coming, but not as many invested in him as heavily as I did. Scary Terry, Terry McLaurin is an absolute monster of a wide receiver. He is having yet another great fantasy season with absolutely no quarterback and his potential is sky-high. I love watching Terry play and I truly think that he could become a top 3 receiver in the league someday. Especially if Washington can draft a high draft capital quarterback this offseason, Terry is poised to shine in Washington for many many years. I am so very thankful for Scary Terry this Thanksgiving.

Chase Claypool

Last but certainly not least, my new favorite Pittsburgh Steeler, Chase Claypool! This rookie sensation is a fantasy football touchdown machine. Not only is he a beast for fantasy purposes, but in real life he’s so fun to watch. I have a blast watching Claypool play. As far as fantasy goes his trajectory is really really high right now. I truly think that Claypool could develop into an Elite wide receiver in the NFL and he reminds me a lot of DK Metcalf in his rookie season. The potential that Mapletron brings to the table is unlimited and boy oh boy am I thankful the Steelers drafted him. 


I’m also very thankful to be working with 3coSports and I’m very thankful that you read my article! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and that all of your fantasy players score 50 points.

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