Next Man Up: Practice Squad WR Kendall Hinton to Start For Denver (At QB!)

By Alex Kurpeski

Here’s a story that sounds completely made up. A practice squad wide receiver finds himself starting for an NFL team when their entire QB group becomes ineligible one day before a huge game against a Super Bowl favorite. If this were a Disney film then the protagonist would likely lead his team to an improbable victory over the highly favored opponent. This is no fairy tale, however. It is the reality for Kendall Hinton of the Denver Broncos, who will be suiting up as the starting quarterback for his team despite having never taken a rep at the position in the NFL. 

Hinton, who last played quarterback for Wake Forest in 2018, will be facing the Saints defense, one of the league’s most complete units. Let’s take a moment to look at Hinton’s stats from his time with the Demon Deacons. 

Hinton’s numbers suggest that playing quarterback may not have been his cup of tea. With below average completion rates and very low yards-per-attempt, it’s no wonder why Hinton decided to make the transition to wideout. 

At 6’0, 195 lbs, Hinton’s frame is much similar to that of a wide receiver than that of an NFL quarterback. His usage as a runner during his time at Wake — 881 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns — suggests that Hinton could be a solid dual-threat for the Broncos in this spot start. Expect to see a lot of running plays — a lot — and very few throws beyond 10 yards. Perhaps he and the Broncos can pull off a miracle in this one.

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