Fantasy Football 2020: Week 13 Deep Waiver Wire Targets

by Angel Maldonado Tejada (@Angel_TejadaFF)


New week, new deep dives. We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel this week — shoutout to Chris Robin — but here are 5 players worth looking into as deep waiver wire targets.


Darrynton Evans

King Henry is a marvel to witness. That being said, I am going to keep recommending everyone to handcuff their studs or invest in said studs’ backups. Darrynton Evans recently returned to practice following a hamstring injury and he’s worth taking a flier on in case he impresses upon his potential return to action. The Titans will always rely on the run game and having any stake in it has the potential for a significant return.


Chad Beebe

Unfortunately, this one may not qualify as a “deep dive” anymore due to his breakout game this past week, but he’s worth talking about nonetheless. Beebe has been stuck behind Adam Thielen and Co. in the pecking order, but he proved he has potential with a clutch performance this weekend that included a game-winning touchdown. Kirk Cousins seems to have turned a corner and Beebe is worth rostering as Covid continues to interrupt the season.


Andy Isabella

There’s already an article that dives deep into why Andy Isabella is going to breakout this week, so I’ll keep it short and simple: you want a part of the Cardinals offense and Isabella is the cheapest option available. He’s worth adding ahead of this week’s matchup.


Allen Lazard

See above. Lazard is the unquestioned #3 option on the Packers and Aaron Rodgers is defying father time with a spectacular season at age 36. In his return to action, Lazard saw 6 targets and even managed to get into the endzone. He’s worth adding as a flex in the coming weeks.


Trey Burton

It’s 2020 and someone is recommending you acquire Trey Burton. I understand your concern. That being said, Burton has scored touchdowns in his last two games and is worth looking into as an emergency TE in case Covid causes your primary TE to miss time.


The best advice I can give is to prepare for the unexpected. Covid is going to continue spreading as we head into the winter months of 2020/2021 and the best thing we can all do is hedge our bets and prepare for our star players to miss time.

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