Taysom Hill Is Ruining Fantasy Football (For Alvin Kamara Managers)

by Angel Maldonado Tejada


Tayson Hill is ruining fantasy football.


That’s an exaggeration, of course, but I doubt I’m the only one that feels that way. Taysom Hill has caused plenty of frustration for lots of players already —in what world was this man ever a TE— but Alvin Kamara’s managers have been the ones who have been shafted the most by Hill’s emergence as the Saints’ QB1.


Before the Taysom Hill era, Alvin Kamara was thriving. Through Week 10, he was the RB2 behind only Dalvin Cook and had arguably been the most consistent running back in the league. Of course, it all changed after the Drew Brees injury. Since then, Kamara has scored 10.5 points (against Atlanta) and 6.2 (against Denver). Keep in mind, the Saints ran the ball 44 times (!!!) on Sunday. Personally, the most painful part has been seeing the Saints’ offense continue to succeed… because it doesn’t bode well for Kamara’s future without Brees. Taysom Hill is looking like prime Cam Newton, complete with the vulturing of touchdowns that should go to Kamara.


To make matters worse, Kamara is dealing with a foot injury and Latavius Murray went off against the Broncos. Are the Saints playing it safe with him in order to keep him healthy for a playoff run? Probably.  Does it make me feel any better right now as I prepare to go on a playoff run of my own in my home league? Absolutely not. Alvin Kamara is the biggest reason many of us are going to the playoffs, and it may be Kamara that ultimately dooms our seasons. The irony.

I can’t wait for Drew Brees to return… or for Winston to take the job. Here’s hoping this weekend goes differently for all of us Alvin Kamara managers.



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