This Week in The Hobby: Sports Trading Cards

Welcome To My New Series

Hello hello, 3Co family, and welcome to my new weekly article, This Week in The Hobby! In this article I will be breaking down all things sports trading cards for the week. Diving into advice to find cards, quality of the product that is out currently, and overall just having fun talking cards with you all; so with that being said, let’s get started! 

Prizm Frenzy

This week in the hobby it is a total Prizm frenzy. People LOVE the Prizm product, and I feel like the extreme supply and demand factor of Prizm is really hyping it up as well. It can be extremely difficult to find Prizm in your local stores and paying very expensive resale prices isn’t the best option if you collect on a budget like me, so what should you do to try and get your hands on some 2020 Prizm Football? 

How do I get my hands on Prizm?

My strategy has been simply, get lucky. I know, I know, getting lucky isn’t a strategy but let me explain how it is. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving 2 weeks ago I went to Target with my girlfriend to buy a couple things for her mom’s birthday. While we were there of course I went to go check the card section, and low and behold the vendor was there stocking the shelves! I came away with 2 blaster boxes of 2020 prizm football and I could have gotten a lot more if I wanted to. I was super excited that I hit on a restock and thought I just got really lucky, well I did. However, I took notice of the day, and time it took place. Wednesday at exactly 3pm. I was looking for a pattern and it turns out, I found one. Just a few days ago I returned to the same Target store and waited for 3pm to roll around and guess what? HE CAME BACK! I got 4 boxes of 2020 Prizm Football and 2 Mega boxes of 2020 Prizm Basketball, and you guys there was a TON of product, but I didn’t want to buy all of it and be rude. Now every Wednesday at 3pm I’ll be at Target waiting for the vendor to come stock those shelves. The whole point of this is to say, even if it feels like you just got lucky finding products on shelves, look for a pattern. Try and figure out when they were stocked, and come at the same time every week. 

Thanks For Reading

Thank you all so much for reading my first installment of This Week in The Hobby. I hope you found some of my insight to be useful. Happy card hunting!

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