New Team, Same Diggs? How Buffalo’s WR1 Has Taken His Game To A New Level in 2020

by Matt Moulaison @MattressBoomin


Do you dig Diggs in Buffalo because I sure do! This offseason, Stefon Diggs was traded from the Minnesota Vikings to the Buffalo Bills. Why Minnesotta would ever get rid of Diggs who knows. After all, one could argue that Diggs is the Best route runner in the league (he is good at running any route but he loves to run long post routes usually). Having Kirk Cousins and being in the Vikings’ offense really didn’t favor Stefon Digg’s style of play. Now in Buffalo, Diggs has a young quarterback Josh Allen with the second strongest arm in the league, falling only to Patrick Mahomes. So of course Diggs loves to this offense much more than the Vikings. As of right, now Stefon is in 5th place in receiving yards this year after passing the 1,000-yard mark after last night’s game against the 49ers. Diggs also leads the league with the most receptions with 90.

Since Diggs is the coldest route runner in the league it frees him and sets him up for big plays. Keep in mind, Diggs ranks 5th in the league in air yards (1,187). Me, being a receiver myself, watch Diggs and how he sets up his defenders. He is one of the hardest receivers to guard in the league he just always knows how to get open. Diggs’s best year of his career was in 2018 when he finished with 63 receptions, 1130 yards, and 9 touchdowns.

In Digg’s first year with the Bills, he already has 90 receptions, 1037 yards, and 4 touchdowns… there are four games left in the season so those numbers are only going to go up from here. Last year? Diggs only had 93 targets… so he almost has as many receptions as he did TARGETS last year. Stefon Diggs is known for his famous Minneapolis miracle and Diggs fantasy owners could say it is a miracle he got traded to a team like Buffalo, especially in dynasty. The Bills offense is more favorable to Diggs with a quarterback that likes throwing the ball deep Diggs is the perfect receiver for that offense.

When Stefon was in Minnesota he would become very frustrated with Kirk Cousins during games because Cousins often hesitates and gets sacked while Diggs would be wide open downfield. I’m sure if you had Diggs in your fantasy lineups you got quite frustrated with Cousins too. But all fantasy owners may rejoice now; Stefon is in a much better situation. We can bet on Diggs keeping this up for the rest of the season and many years to come!

Stefon made a name for himself in Minnesota. Now that he has a quarterback that knows how he likes to run routes and knows his play style Diggs will be an even better fantasy player. Stefon Diggs’s current ADP in redrafts is 4.08 and I think that number will go up next year to the late 3rd round especially because Diggs is seeing an increase of targets and catches from his days in Minnesota. I say this because this season Diggs has proven himself to be a solid WR1 in fantasy. He has kept me in the playoff picture all season long. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that he’ll keep doing this for his new team for years to come.





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