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By Chris Robin


I assume if you’re reading this, you’re either out of the seasonal playoffs or you’re a fan of my content. The latter can’t be true! So, sorry you’re not in the playoffs. That’s why the idea behind DFS is so genius!

To be honest this specific list of stacks came to me last night. When I get in bed at night it’s hard to turn my brain off. Plus, I’m just predisposed to cheap DFS plays. Over the years I’ve found had a knack for finding cheap, off the wall, yet effective DFS players.

I’ve been called stupid. I’ve been called an idiot. You know why? All because of my ideas. Also because of the players whom I choose to write about each week. Which is fine, I get it!

When it comes to DFS a large majority of people are set in their ways. Those are the same people just spinning their wheels. Not winning much. Happy with winning a couple of bucks each week. Who am I to judge? Over the years playing DFS I’ve learned a few things. First, what kind of player are you? Just having fun. Second, are you looking to win big? Either way I’ve found the most important part of DFS is are you willing to take the risk?

Think outside the box! The only reason I mention risk is large in part to my week 14 stacks. They are off the beaten path. I believe in my process though. What to take the risk? Get s little wild before the holiday? If the answer is yes, then jump on board! Let’s go!

The New York Jets are certainly tanking, right? Couldn’t be clearer! In the meantime, it’s opened some value. It’s also led to low ownership! Who in their right mind actively want to roster any Jets? Me, that’s who!

Stacking New York Jets


Sam Darnold NYJ @ SEA (31st) (FD-$7,000) (DK-$5,100)

Ty Johnson NYJ @ SEA (24th) (FD-$5,500) (DK-$4,200)

Denzel Mims NYJ @ SEA (32nd) (FD-$5,600) (DK-$4,100)

When it comes to the Jets, I’ve said all season garbage time starts right after the kickoff. Fresh off his first multi-touchdown effort of the season this combo gets the dreadful Seattle Seahawks defense. Sam is fully capable of another multi-TD game here.

Expect a big passing performance from both Mr. Darnold and Russell “Mr. Unlimited” Wilson!


A Pile of Jaguars

Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Glennon JAX vs TEN (28th) (FD-$6,600)(DK-$5,100)

James Robinson JAX vs TEN (26th)(FD-$8,000)(DK-$7,500)

Collin Johnson JAX vs TEN (28th)(FD-$5,100)(DK-$3,600)

Rookie running back James Robinson has been a monster all season! He’s not the issue here. The issue is spending real-life cash on the Glennon/Johnson combo. Collin has led the Jaguars in receiving yards in two straight games. Collin has been targeted 14 times in those two games. Catching eight total passes. It seems journeyman Mike Glennon has eyes for Collin!

For my MKF pick of the week, I’m really liking the potential of Derrick Henry and James Robinson to get at least 3 scores between them!

Let’s go to Las Vegas next! Viva Las Vegas! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Any other corny cliques you can think of?

Riding The Colts To Victory

Phillip Rivers IND @ LV (FD-$7,000) (DK-$5,900)

Jonathan Taylor IND @ LV (28th) (FD-$7,000) (DK-$5,800)

Michael Pittman Jr. IND @ LV (19th) (FD-$5,700) (DK-$5,000)

Are you ready for this one? The Vegas Raiders are allowing the 10th most points to opposing QB’s. The Raiders also blitz the 3rd fewest in the league. Meaning Uncle Phil should have all day to sit back and make his throws. The rookie WR, Michael Pittman has seen 14 total targets in his last two games catching seven of those passes. To me, all signs point to a great day for these Colts! I’m betting big on Uncle Phil and Darren Waller with my MKF pick for this game!

Birds Of Prey

Philadelphia Eagles rookie QB Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts PHI vs NO (8th) (FD-$6,600) (DK-$5,100)

Miles Sanders PHI vs NO (1st) (FD-$6,200) (DK-$6,200)

Jalen Reagor PHI vs NO (22nd) (FD-$5,500) (DK-$4,400)

Well, where do we start? Carson Wentz has been benched in favor of the second-round rookie. Jalen Hurts now assumes the starting QB role for the Eagles. In a way don’t you think Hurts is now chalk. By default? Sometimes I must understand not everyone thinks as we do. I have no fancy stats here. I have no powerful numbers either. Just a hunch. A gut feeling that tells me head coach Doug Pederson is going to pull out all the stops in this. It would be wise of him to cut Miles Sanders loose. This match-up against the Saints is going to be a tough task. In a way, I feel as if it’s such a horrid match-up that it’s going to sway ownership. Scare people away if you will.

Fanduel 12/13 1p MAIN

Here are several sample lineups using mixing and matching some of the stacks mentioned above!

Draftkings 12/13 1p MAIN

These lines are for entertainment purposes! Use them wisely!

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