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Welcome Back To This Week In The Hobby

What’s going on 3co Family? Welcome back to this week’s edition of This Week In The Hobby: Sports Trading Cards! Hope you all are safe and healthy out there, and I appreciate you reading my article! Let’s get into this week’s sports cards update.

What’s hot this week?

This week is still Prizm Prizm Prizm! Prizm is hot, and it doesn’t seem to be cooling down anytime soon.  There are some new products that seem to be appearing on shelves this week in stores near me, so let’s hop into one shall we? This week we will be talking about all things 2020 Panini Playoff Football.  (Source from Cardboard Connection)

Playoffs’ Perks

Playoff Football features a 300 card set with 200 vets and 100 rookies available to be pulled. A pretty nice rookie set if you’re looking to pull some of the rookies from your favorite teams. Hobby boxes are pretty affordable for this product, and average about 4 hits for each hobby box. This product has a ton of variety in retail shelves. Varying from blaster boxes, mega boxes, hanger packs, and fat packs! You can find so much diversity in playoff football which I really like about the product. If you are a new collector and are looking to get your hands on a good looking product for cheap, I would recommend you check out playoff! 

How is the resale market?

For anyone wondering the resale value of playoff football, it isn’t much. It resells around $15 above retail for mega boxes and blaster boxes. This product is definitely geared towards people who love to collect, not flip or break boxes. I do enjoy the card art and guaranteed auto and memorabilia cards in the boxes however. 

Can you find it?

You can find this product pretty easily I’d say. On a scale of 1-10 on the hard to find scale I’d give Playoff football a 4. I think one of the best parts of this product is when they stock the shelves. Whether you are a brand new collector, or collecting on a budget I’d definitely recommend checking out your local stores for some Panini 2020 Playoff football! 

Thanks for reading!

Thank you all so much for reading this week’s article. Stop by next week to read up on all things Holiday Donruss! 

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