Fantasy Football 2020: Biggest Takeaways From Week 1 of the Playoffs



For many, the dream of championship glory has been squashed already. For others, that dream will either live on or die tonight. Regardless, we’ve already learned a lot this weekend and I want to touch on some of the biggest takeaways from Week 1 of the Fantasy Playoffs.

Jonathan Taylor, Cam Akers Previewing Next Season

Can't-Miss Play: Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor shows  track speed on 62-yard TD sprint

Going into the season, a number of people were warning others not to expect the rookies to thrive right off the bat. After all, Covid had stolen a large chunk of their offseason and they would need time to acclimate to the league, not to mention coaches are sometimes extremely stubborn when it comes to giving their rookies playing time. Of course, we forgot about all of this the moment the season started and we grew frustrated with players like Cam Akers and weeks, Jonathan Taylor. Now, though, they’re showing that next season will look like. Finally, being treated like workhorses, Akers and Taylor popped off for 171 yards and 150 yards, respectively. Both 2019 season-long disappointments have raised their value heading into 2021.


Stefon Diggs Is a Top 5 Wide Receiver

Fantasy roundtable: Selling Stefon Diggs, souring on Mark Ingram and more –  The Athletic

It’s impossible to have any other conclusion after watching Buffalo’s dismantling of the Steelers last night. Diggs is running his routes with pinpoint precision and is being fed the ball even more with John Brown being on IR. Right now, it’s hard to argue against Stefon Diggs as anything less than a top 5 wide receiver going forward. 


Diontae Johnson Is Running Out Of Time

Dunlap: Steelers Won't Bench Diontae Johnson

I was wrong about him being a league winner… fu*k. Sincerely, Diontae Johnson is one of my favorite players in the league, so this was the one take I REALLY didn’t want to be wrong about. But he has to fix the drops. Tomlin warned us last week that a benching was possible, but I don’t think anyone really believed it. But alas, there he was… benched. We learned two very valuable things from this. 1: Mike Tomlin doesn’t give a sh*t about your fantasy team. Two: Diontae Johnson needs to fix his drops.  He has all the talent in the world and has legit high-end WR2 potential for next season, but he needs to fix this now. Tomlin gave him some tough love last night, but the offense clearly needs him. Let’s hope the issue is resolved quickly. 



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