Fantasy Football 2021: Best Landing Spots for Kareem Hunt



Yes, he’s under contract for another two seasons. But Kareem Hunt’s incredible season has fantasy managers yearning for a backfield that the former Chief can lead. So what if the Browns decide they want to invest their entire backfield on Nick Chubb? Here’s where I would like to see him land:


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs seem to have found their workhorse back for the next couple of seasons in Ronald Jones, but few would argue Kareem Hunt isn’t perfect for a Tom Brady-led offense. Hunt has 42 targets so far this season — good for #18 in the league — and has made the most of those opportunities. In New England, Tom Brady was a master at using running backs in the passing game. If he’s in open space, Hunt will make people miss (as his 70 evaded tackles this season prove). If I had to take my pick, this would be my preferred landing spot for Hunt.

San Francisco 49ers

As long as he could avoid the curse that befalls all 49ers running backs, Kareem Hunt in a Kyle Shannahan offense is the stuff dreams are made of. We’ve already talked about Hunt’s evasiveness in the open field. Now, imagine that evasiveness being put to use by Kyle Shannahan… it’d be a sight to behold. Now, the 49ers do need to address their offensive line, but a Hunt-Shannahan pairing is one few people would complain about.


New York Jets

You might think this would end Kareem Hunt’s career, but I don’t think that’s the case. Hunt would be a perfect running back Trevor Lawrence as he begins his career. In addition, I doubt New York is going to let its future star quarterback play behind a less than optimal offensive line. Sure, the Jets may very well once again do things the Jets way, but at the very least I think this Lawrence-Hunt could be a much better pairing than Sam Darnold and Le’veon Bell ever were.


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