Alvin Kamara Most Valuable Dynasty Running Back?

By Matt Moulaison @mattressboomin


With Alvin Kamara being signed until 2025, I believe this puts him in the conversation for dynasty’s most valuable running back spot!


I say this because Alvin is able to line up anywhere; whether it be the backfield or out wide, he is going to get you points no matter what. I think this makes him the most versatile at his position. Playing for Sean Payton and a Saints team with a playbook that is filled with tricky plays for him helps as well. Whether that be screens or long go routes, Kamara can do it all at an elite level.


Kamara is known for his yards after the catch because he one of the most patient players in the league, what I mean by this is he is great at seeing the field in front of him and setting up his blockers for an easier path.  We all remember his Week 3 touchdown against the Green Bay Packers, that play shows exactly who Alvin Kamara is and how much better he is than most players on the field with him. This type of skill-set mixed with the Saints offense is quite the perfect match with all the screen passes Kamara.


Since joining the league in 2017 Kamara already has 51 touchdowns, 14 of which are receiving. If you have read my past articles you know I love receivers and receiving stats. This statline in particular though is a big reason why I think Kamara is dynasty’s most valuable running back. He is not stuck to just being in the backfield; he can lineup out wide in the slot or even in the backfield and still run a route. He has the best hands out of all the running backs in the league too which is why the Saints love to throw him the ball and let him do what he does best.

Now… why do I think he’s more valuable than backs like McCaffrey and Cook? I believe he is because the Saints playbook design fits Kamara’s style of play perfectly. Also, Kamara has one of the best offensive lines in the game, something that backs like McCaffrey do not. That is automatically a plus for Kamara. Kamara’s value only continues to skyrocket if your league is in PPR because of all the catches he gets. Sure, Taysom Hill sank his value for a short time, but keep in mind he was also hurt. This season Kamara has the most PPR points amongst backs. The volume of targets he receives alone is a reason why you would want him on your squad. Kamara has so many opportunities to score it’s amazing for fantasy owners. Given that and the commitment  the Saints have made to him, he’s my RB1 in Dynasty.

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