Fantasy Football 2021: Lamar Jackson Will Regain His MVP Form

by @mattressboomin


Lamar Jackson had one of the best fantasy seasons one could ask for last year. In case you’ve forgotten, here are three stats that encapsulate his record-breaking season:

  • 36 passing touchdowns the most out of any quarterback in the league,
  • 7 rush touchdowns
  • 1,206 rushing yards (setting the record for a quarterback)

This season, Lamar Jackson’s numbers have gone down significantly; it’s almost like he’s not the same quarterback. But as we near the end of the year, Lamar is having those 30 point fantasy games we got so used to him having. So, does this mean he’s back to being himself? I think so!

Over the last three weeks, Lamar has reverted to his MVP, league-winning self, scoring 28, 37, and 33 fantasy points; he threw 6 touchdowns while rushing for 4. Just in time for the fantasy playoffs (thank you, Lamar)! In 2021, Jackson will be back to getting those numbers weekly. We all know how shifty he is; just about every defender worries about hurting their ankles when playing against him. His ability to rush allows for fantasy managers to get points through him in more than one way and there’s no sign of the Ravens slowing him down!

Lamar’s numbers will continue to grow in 2021 behind one of the best lines in the league.  Marquise Brown has shown plenty of promise, but I see him taking a big leap in year 4, especially if the Ravens get another receiver. It doesn’t hurt that they play the Bengals twice a year!


Coming into the league teams were worried about Lamar Jackson’s ability to throw the ball, which is part of the reason why he got drafted so late. While he still has room for improvement,  he has shown enough to prove those teams wrong, becoming more of an accurate passer and throwing 63 touchdowns since entering the league. He even ranks 7th in air yards per attempt this season, showing a willingness to sling the ball. His accuracy leaves something to be desired as of now, but I’m betting on that changing.


I believe in 2021 Lamar will go back to his MVP form and win leagues for fantasy managers. He has huge upside with next to no downside, especially after a down-year. On some teams, an offensive gameplan that favors the run might hurt the QB. But in this case, the better the run game the better Lamar Jackson is, which is why the emergence of J.K Dobbins is so important.  Personally, I would take Jackson as early as the late third or early 4th round of redrafts, that’s how confident I am! (Hot take: think Lamar should be the second quarterback taken off the board after Mahomes.) Luckily, his price won’t be that high, which will make him a value in redraft leagues and a dynasty buy in the offseason.

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