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The Mysterious Millennial Pastor responsible for New York’s latest Super Team

Alex Kurpeski For the longest time, it seemed as if you could bet your house on the fact that Kevin Durant would be leaving the dynastic Golden State Warriors for the lowly New York Knicks. Initially, many questioned Durant’s motivations, as the idea of leaving the Bay Area for New York seemed foolish on paper. 

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There’s a lot of rumors going around this time of year in the NBA. Certain players are on the trade block, others are looking to rebuild, and seemingly everybody is going to Los Angeles. We’re taking a look at the hottest rumors of the week and detecting just how BS they are. Welcome to BS

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Trades That Will CHANGE The NBA Landscape

Alex Kurpeski On the heels of the Lakers landing perhaps the biggest available fish in the pond that is the National Basketball Association (Anthony Davis), we here at 3CoSports have decided to theorize some more blockbuster trade concepts for this offseason. With the long awaited return of parity to the league, several teams should be

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