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The Case For: Josh Allen as the 2020 NFL MVP

By Alex Kurpeski It seems as though each season the NFL is introduced to a brand new phenom at the quarterback position, one who takes their game to an entirely unexpected level, thrashing opposing defenses with a flurry of never before seen stylistic tweaks. In 2017 it was Deshaun Watson, who as a rookie looked

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2019 Fantasy Football All-Underappreciated Team

By Alex Kurpeski Just a couple weeks away from Super Bowl LIV, we here in the fantasy football community sit in a bit of a standstill, with little to cover besides playoff DFS content. As we reach for content, the concept of reflection is the easiest theme to default to, during this lull. After a

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Early Top 25 Big Board for 2020 Dynasty League Rookie Drafts

By Alex Kurpeski The fantasy football playoffs are nearly over, which means that many of you are now looking forward to next year. And for those of you wondering, yes next year WILL be the year you finally win the elusive championship, thanks to the advice of your friends here at 3CoSports. With College Football

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4 Trade Deadline Acquisitions You Need to Make

By Angel Maldonado Somehow, we’ve arrived at Week 10. Feels like just yesterday that Joe Mixon was a Top 10 back, the Browns were going to the AFC Championship, and the 49ers were going to finish 3-13. Alas, here we are. With only 4 weeks to go for most fantasy regular seasons and the trade

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from Week One|Fantasy Football Takeaways

Alex Kurpeski Oh week one, how you hurt me so. With monster performances from several unexpected sources, massive flops from consistent contributors, and several unfortunate injuries to beloved stars, the rude awakening to the harsh reality of Fantasy Season seemed especially vengeful this time around. However, for all the bad aspects that affix themselves to

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