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Angel Maldonado: Co-President, Director of Operations, Author

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“Fantasy Football has always been special to me. It’s a way to connect with family and friends that you may not interact with much otherwise. It’s also a way to meet new people and make new friends.  My goal is to provide you with content that entertains you, informs you, and helps you win bragging rights (and money).





Alex Kurpeski: Co-President, Director of Content, Author

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“Resident Feline Fanatic.”

I’ve been a correspondent at 12Up Sports while also being a Data Collector for Pro Football Focus. Researching and writing about Fantasy Football has become my passion and my goal is to pass any knowledge I acquire onto you so that you can learn to be the best fantasy player you can be.  




Ryan “Don Piccolo” Bennett: IDP Manager, Correspondent

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Got the nickname “Piccolo” in 1999 for no real reason, I was just the new kid in school and it stuck. “Pic” is what everyone calls me… even my brothers! I’ve been playing Fantasy Football since 2000 and I’ve always loved the game.  Currently I coach the 4th-6th grade Tackle Football team and I love helping the kids grow and learn. Overall, I’m just a passionate football guy and I love sharing my knowledge with the world!






Bradley Stalder: Research Associate, Correspondent

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I’ve been a Fantasy Football Manager for 10 years. While I’m new to the industry, I’m very experienced at winning leagues. Excited to be sharing content, research, and narratives with you all.”







Alec Chapman: Writer and Graphic Designer

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“My bookie’s favorite customer. Fan of anything you can bet on. Good at making the playoffs. Better at exiting in the first round. Has never once punted on fourth in Madden. Boston fan through and through. Goodell’s a clown.”






Tzali Nislick: Author and Research Assistant

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My name is Tzali Nislick and I am from Framingham, Massachusetts. I am a sophomore at the University of Alabama and I major in News Media with a minor in General Business. I’m a huge sports fan and my dream is to be a sports news writer and reporter!






Our Mission


Entertain. Inform. Win.


Fantasy Football isn’t just about winning money and bragging rights; it’s about enjoying yourself with friends and family. We want to make sure that while we’re giving you an edge on the competition, you’re Entertained by the content we provide you.


We want to Inform you with the latest news and opinions from our staff. We’ll look for sleepers, duds, and more to make sure you’re going into Sunday confident in your lineup.


And yes, we want you to Win.


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