3CoSports would like to shout out all of our partners! Below are some amazing Podcasts and websites that you can check out to give yourself another dose of great sports takes, fantasy advice, and much more. Check them out and show them some love!

Overtime Heroics

Need a place to discuss sports with people just as passionate as you? Check out Overtime Heroics, the best place for Sports fanatics. OT Heroics covers most major leagues and allows you to discuss them in a community full of people just as passionate as you. Click the button below to check them out!

The Vault Studio Podcast Network

The Vault Studio is a podcast network located in Australia dedicated to all things NFL! They have a weekly NFL show, Fantasy Football show and podcast dedicated to the local Gridiron league of Australia called, “Going Local”! Make sure to subscribe to their channel and follow them on all social media for updates and links to current shows! Click the button below to go to their podcast!


An NHL/ hockey podcast hosted by Tomas Vessio and Andrew Flegar brought to you by!