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Free Agents Your Team MUST Avoid

An article by Alex Kurpeski  NBA Free Agency is like a game of Russian Roulette. There exists an intense thrill that can turn into a fatal blow, as the desire to land a big fish often comes with the caveat of overpaying for past production. With that being said, here are some free agents that

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Trades That Will CHANGE The NBA Landscape

Alex Kurpeski On the heels of the Lakers landing perhaps the biggest available fish in the pond that is the National Basketball Association (Anthony Davis), we here at 3CoSports have decided to theorize some more blockbuster trade concepts for this offseason. With the long awaited return of parity to the league, several teams should be

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For Boston, It’s Kyrie or Bust

For Boston, It’s Kyrie or Bust an article by Alex Kurpeski Kyrie Irving: mercurial superstar, internet celebrity, recovering Flat-Earther, highlight reel mainstay, and sports media supervillain. Many fans in Boston have grown tired of Irving, as his constant complaining (about the team’s young pups Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown) and aloofness (regarding his future in

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