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Early Top 25 Big Board for 2020 Dynasty League Rookie Drafts

By Alex Kurpeski The fantasy football playoffs are nearly over, which means that many of you are now looking forward to next year. And for those of you wondering, yes next year WILL be the year you finally win the elusive championship, thanks to the advice of your friends here at 3CoSports. With College Football

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Dynasty League Sell-High Candidates

By Alex Kurpeski   Dec 12 2019 I recently came across a quote while doing research for an economics module that stated this: “Buy low and Sell high. It’s pretty simple. The only problem is knowing what’s low and what’s high”.  In the context of fantasy football this quote is extremely relevant. Sometimes you think

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Buy or Sell | Dynasty Value of NFC North Backfields

Alex Kurpeski Green Bay Packers It’s Aaron Jones’s world, we’re just living in it. Tied for the league lead in rushing touchdowns, Jones has taken his game to a new level this season, emerging as a true RB1 in the Packers offense. He is a top 10 dynasty value at his position easily, as he

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Fantasy Football Thrift Shopping: Value Picks to Help You Ace Your Fantasy Drafts

Alex Kurpeski Who doesn’t love clearance sales? Seriously, is there any better feeling in this world than picking up a dope t-shirt from the Gap that was mysteriously marked all the way down to five bucks? Sure it may not work out, but if it does you feel like a king/queen. If it doesn’t, you

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