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THE BEST RB OF THIS GENERATION? Saquon’s Case for 1.01

an article by Fantasy Football Flow Going into the 2018 NFL Draft, there was one thing everyone was sure of: Saquon was a generational prospect. After one full season, the verdict is in: Saquon is an animal. He has all the skills to be a Hall of Famer and it will be a treat to

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Fantasy Football Thrift Shopping: Value Picks to Help You Ace Your Fantasy Drafts

Alex Kurpeski Who doesn’t love clearance sales? Seriously, is there any better feeling in this world than picking up a dope t-shirt from the Gap that was mysteriously marked all the way down to five bucks? Sure it may not work out, but if it does you feel like a king/queen. If it doesn’t, you

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Pre-Draft Fantasy Rankings: Running Backs 1.0

Tiers Tiers (Tiers correlate to all positions rather than each individual position) Super Elite Elite Stud Above Average Average Below Average Dynasty Stash Not worth rostering in any format RB Rankings (standard) Saquon Barkley NYG (Tier One: Super Elite) Christian McCaffrey CAR (Tier One: Super Elite) Ezekiel Elliott DAL (Tier One: Super Elite) Todd Gurley

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