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15 Players primed to regress during the 2019-20 season

Alex Kurpeski The NBA is a league made up of players constantly rising and falling in terms of talent and value. As the game evolves, once valued skill sets become more archaic and formerly dominant players become afterthoughts. Last week we talked about some potential breakout candidates for the upcoming season, including newcomers to the

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15 Players that will Breakout during the 2019-20 Season

Alex Kurpeski The term “breakout” gets thrown around a lot in the world of sports media. Every off-season we hear speculation from each of the major sports leagues regarding players on the verge of a “breakout”. For me, this term holds a different meaning that is dependent upon the context of the player in question.

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The Mysterious Millennial Pastor responsible for New York’s latest Super Team

Alex Kurpeski For the longest time, it seemed as if you could bet your house on the fact that Kevin Durant would be leaving the dynastic Golden State Warriors for the lowly New York Knicks. Initially, many questioned Durant’s motivations, as the idea of leaving the Bay Area for New York seemed foolish on paper. 

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Executive Oversight, Player Empowerment, and a Little Bit of Magic: The Sequence of Events That Landed Kawhi in LA

Alex Kurpeski Shortly after our nation celebrated its 243rd birthday, we saw the biggest domino of NBA free agency fall, as two-time NBA finals MVP Kawhi Leonard decided to take his talents to Los Angeles. Shockingly, Leonard decided to pass on the chance to form perhaps the most “super” Superteam of all time alongside Lebron

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The Best of the Worst|Not-So Smart Signings From NBA Free Agency

Alex Kurpeski Oh NBA Free Agency how entertaining you truly are. With so many names on the move during day one of free agency, there are bound to be some terrible contracts sprinkled in. While there was a lot of money being thrown around, these are the contracts that are gonna make us scratch our

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